FV Hospital responds to the ‘Month of action for the environment: GREEN – CLEAN – BEAUTIFUL’

The global environment is facing many serious problems. Protecting and improving the environment is a responsibility for everyone. FV Hospital is aware of the importance of environmental protection and public health, and responded to the Month of action for the environment”, initiated by the Ho Chi Minh City Department of Health with the slogan “Take action for a GREEN-CLEAN-BEAUTIFUL environment.”

FV Hospital maintains safety and hygiene in all its activities, adhering to Vietnamese laws, international standards, and our own environmental policies. The hospital provides regular training to our staff on processes and measures to protect the environment during patient care and treatment.

During the environment action month, which takes place from May 2023 to July 2023, FV Hospital aims to have widespread support from the community, patients, and staff. The hospital understands the importance of spreading the message about environmental protection to ensure the success of the campaign.

Since its establishment, FV Hospital has prioritised environmental policies and has focused on employing advanced technological methods and improving treatment processes to minimise negative environmental impacts. The hospital ensures the correct management of medical waste with strict, environmentally friendly, and safe procedures to safeguard public health.

FV Hospital has implemented various measures to assess the quality of air, water, humidity, and light. The hospital adopts practices to reduce electricity and energy use. We also train our staff in waste classification and segregation, reduce the use of paper resources, handles hazardous chemicals and radioactive substances, in accordance with the latest regulations and standards.

FV Hospital believes that its efforts will encourage the community, patients, their families, and employees to cultivate a habit that embraces environmental protection. Small actions such as correct waste disposal, turning off lights and reducing water bring a positive impact to the environment.

Through participation in the “Month of action for the environment: GREEN – CLEAN – BEAUTIFUL”, we collectively build a sustainable beautiful city for the future.