FV Hospital Send Congratulations and Support for the 2023 ‘Medical Laboratory Professionals Week’

On the afternoon of 24th April, FV Hospital held a congratulatory celebration for the occasion of the Medical Laboratory Professionals Week from (23-29 April), The theme for this year’s events “The Future is Lab” at FV Bistro to thank the members of Laboratory & Blood Bank Department at FV.

The celebration was attended by many representatives of the Board of Directors of FV Hospital with a number of partners and more than 30 employees from the Laboratory & Blood Bank Department.

The representative of the Board of Directors, PhD.Dr. Do Trong Khanh (Medical Director) expressed his sincere gratitude and congratulations to all staff at the Laboratory & Blood Bank Department. He said: “Since I accepted the position until now, I have never received any complaints about the Laboratory. Your dedication to work has brought confidence and trust in the treatment provided at FV.” Dr Khanh also shared a vision regarding the Laboratory & Blood Bank in the future.

PhD. Dr. Do Trong Khanh said that FV’s Laboratory & Blood Bank Department has many advantages that will allow it to develop in the future

On behalf of the entire staff of the Laboratory & Blood Bank Department, Head – Mr Friend Maviza thanked the Directors and staff for their support for this celebration. “We have faced staffing challenges in 2022, but with mutual support from the Board, we believe we can take greatest steps in the future,” said Mr Friend.

Mr Friend Maviza informed us that FV’s Laboratory & Blood Bank Department is aiming to introduce flow cytometry technology in the near future

This year, following the theme “The Future is Lab”, the event aims to emphasise the importance of adaptation and efforts that laboratory staff contributing in the fast-changing healthcare industry. By responding promptly to the noble challenges like the pandemic, it’s crucial to be innovative and continuously improve the expertise in the laboratory. Laboratory staff are seen as “steel shields” to protect the future of healthcare. Mr Friend said that FV is almost the only unit that is still recognise this significant celebration in Vietnam. Thereby, FV also hopes to bring excitement for potential candidates who wish to follow a career in the medical laboratory environment.

Dr Nguyen Thi Hang is very happy to be able to develop with FV’s Laboratory & Blood Bank for the past 20 years

Marking the anniversary, Dr Nguyen Thi Hang, who has worked for 20 years at FV Laboratory & Blood Bank, commented: “I have witnessed the remarkable development of the Laboratory Department, we can say that we are developing further to reach the pace of major medical labs in Vietnam”. For example, the FV Lab was the first private hospital’s lab in Vietnam allowed to confirm the COVID-19 results by Realtime PCR; The Department has 16 types of tests that are ISO 15189: 2012 certified; we achieved SIGMA VP Sigma Verification Of Performance) certification by Westgard QC; and in 2022, the Department has made important contributions in achieving the 3rd JCI Quality Certification of FV.

With its efforts, in the future, the Department of Laboratory & Blood Bank will expand testing services, models, and develop higher quality standards, to meet the goal of becoming a better “shield” for the patients at FV.

The Laboratory & Blood Bank Department at FV Hospital is receiving cooperation from many young professionals who get the advantage in utilising modern technology 

FV Hospital hopes that the Medical Laboratory Professionals Week will be replicated for many years to come, helping to raise public awareness of the importance that laboratory staff bring to diagnosis and treatment. FV would like to send sincere congratulations and gratitude to all colleagues working in the field of medical testing, wish you good health and joy with your essential work.

The Medical Laboratory Professionals Week (MLPW) takes place in the last week of April every year. The event was first organised in 1975, by the American Society for Clinical Laboratory Science (ASCLS).

The event celebrates the work of medical laboratory professionals and pathologists who play an important role in the healthcare industry around the world. This year, the 48th anniversary week of this event takes place from 23-29 April. This is the 3rd occasion the Medical Laboratory Professionals Week has been recognised in the hospital’s annual calendar.

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