FV Hospital sends appreciation to people participating in COVID-19 prevention

Over the past several months, we have sent many thanks to the frontline medical staff to help fight against the pandemic, the unseen logistics team that silently support the treatment activities and hospital operations. However, the pandemic continued allowing no one a moment of rest. FV did not have the opportunity to send appreciation to all the staff during that time, however at the end of the year, the hospital’s Directors held an appreciation meeting for all staff involved in pandemic prevention at FV. 

Before Christmas, on the afternoon of 23rd December, The CEO of FV, Dr Jean-Marcel Guillon and all the members of the Directors Board visited each department and gave presents to more than 400 employees – who participated directly and indirectly in the prevention and treatment of COVID-19 and the various vaccination programs. Dr Jean-Marcel Guillon shared: “Our hospital has more than 1000 employees, I wish I could personally say thank you to each and every one. Nearly half of you were on the frontline to support COVID-19 patients. I appreciate what you have done for our patients and FV.”

The list of FV staff on the frontline of the fight against the pandemic involved many departments, including COVID-19 Treatment Area (4th floor), Intensive Care Unit, Accident & Emergency Department, Infection Control Unit, Pharmacy, Outpatient Department (OPD), Laboratory & Blood Bank, Imaging Department, Telemedicine & Homecare Services; logistics units such as the Front Office, the Maintenance Department, the Linen & Housekeeping Department, and the Vaccination Teams.

Recalling the stressful time during the months from July to September, Dr Trinh Van Hai (Head of Accident & Emergency Department) emotionally shared: “Perhaps, I will never forget those difficult days. We didn’t have enough hospital beds to receive patients and that was a very sad thing in my career. However, I would like to thank the timely support of the Board of Directors, especially Dr Jean-Marcel, who has always been with us every moment, even during the time he was not at the hospital. In addition, thanks for the effort of all my colleagues in the hospital. You have helped us step-by-step to overcome many difficulties”. During the beginning of the pandemic, the A&E department was a highly intense work area and under great pressure, the facilities could not keep up with the sudden increase in the number of patients. It will always be an unforgettable moment for medical staff when participating in the treatment of COVID-19 patients at FV.

Ms Chu Thi Nguyet Anh (Head Nurse of Medical West Ward) on behalf of nurses working at the COVID-19 Treatment sincerely thanked the Board of Directors, especially the Nursing Director – Ms Lee Poh Lian, who closely followed the situation and accompanied the nursing team during the peak months of the pandemic. “There was a time when we were seriously short of staff and we thought we couldn’t work anymore. The feeling of not being able to let go of the patient while all the staff are overloaded added to our stress. Fortunately, the Board of Directors provided timely support and encouragement for everyone to overcome such a difficult period,” shared Ms Nguyet Anh.

Sad scenarios and difficulties have begun to recede, perhaps all of us have witnessed the most terrifying moment of the pandemic in Ho Chi Minh City in our own way. As Dr Jean-Marcel said, maybe this stage only comes once in a lifetime. It may cause us confusion or crisis, but people in the medical profession have to face it because we have the responsibility to take care of our patients. “When I make a decision, I know you will join me without hesitation. Our solidarity has helped patients and helped FV overcome challenges with a new spirit”, CEO, Dr Jean-Marcel Guillon.

Also on the occasion of year-end, on the 30th December, COO – Ms Pham Thi Thanh Mai represented FV Hospital to send thanks and gifts of gratitude, to the partners who have supported FV in the fight against the pandemic. They are the people who provided the meals, ensured the hospital’s cleanliness and our safety and security. All of those partners are long term associates of FV. Ms Thanh Mai expressed, “Thank you for always accompanying FV. There have been times when we were all confused when the pandemic situation changed rapidly. But you are very flexible; your employees worked hard and were an integral part of FV and our pandemic prevention plans”.

Similar to FV employees, many employees of FV partners and suppliers have gone through difficult times mentally, both personally and at work. People had to motivate each other, cooperate with instructions from the hospital and adapt themselves every day to meet the demands of the work during the pandemic situation.

Within their ability, the Board of Directors try to acknowledge all the sacrifices and contributions of everyone during the COVID-19 pandemic. Maybe the gratitude has not yet reached everyone, but to us – people who work in a medical environment – a little giving or help to others can bring joy, and it is already a well-deserved reward for us.

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