FV Hospital Updates Its Vaccines Availability in 2022

As more and more complicated diseases evolve, vaccination becomes even more necessary and many popular vaccines for young children are in high demand at FV Hospital. Those vaccines include 6-in-1 INFANRIX HEXA, manufactured in Belgium, and HEXAXIM from France, both of which provide protection against multiple diseases; Meningococcal MENACTRA vaccine (France), Pneumococcal vaccine, and Influenza VAXIGRIP TETRA vaccine 0.5ml (for adults) and 0.25ml (for children) (France). Recently, the vaccine GARDASIL to prevent Cervical Cancer for women from nine to 26 years old, made in the US, has become of interest to many patients.

To help customers to be proactive in scheduling their vaccinations, FV Hospital shares details around any updates in available vaccines so that patients can research their options and choose the most suitable vaccination site.

Information about vaccines is available at FV Hospital (Updated in April 2022)

What is the difference when being vaccinated at FV Hospital, compared with other healthcare centres?

  • FV uses high-quality vaccines from trustworthy manufacturer with a completely transparent chain of custody, ensuring safety from point of origin through import, storage and usage.
  • A team of specialised doctors who examine and screen for all health problems.
  • Advice on prophylactic vaccines and their regimens, and how to monitor and care for children after vaccination. This advice is given before the vaccination appointment is confirmed.
  • Thirty minutes of monitoring after injection.
  • Professional and friendly medical staff.
  • Vaccination rooms which are comfortable, clean and quiet.

How to register for vaccination at FV:

Customers can register directly at the Internal Medicine Department or Paediatrics Department for an overview and advice on specific vaccines. Customers are then invited to complete the vaccination questionnaire, meet their doctor, complete the payment procedure and proceed to the injection room. Pregnant women will receive a prescription from an obstetrician and will be registered at the Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology.

Telephone: 028 5411 3333


– Internal Medicine: 1329

– Paediatrics: 4433

– Obstetrics and Gynaecology: 6000