FV Hospital YouTube Channel Earns a Silver Button

Immediately after Lunar New Year, YouTube announced that the Benh Vien FV (“FV Hospital”) channel at address had surpassed 100,000 subscribers and earned YouTube’s “Silver Button” – a well-deserved milestone that recognises FV’s success in sharing useful information to the community.

Over the past year, FV Hospital has worked hard to develop its informational channel on YouTube to bring creative, accessible content to audiences across Vietnam. The channel now offers more than 150 videos produced in various formats to provide reliable scientific information around the healthcare industry to the community.

Over time, the “FV Hospital” channel has received lots of positive feedback from viewers. It has also allowed us to receive and answer questions from our patients so that FV can continue to build more useful content.

FV Hospital is an international-standard healthcare service provider, equipped with advanced tools and technologies and staffed by skilled professionals. Our patient-centric model not only applies to care delivered by nurses, doctors and auxiliary assistants, but at all levels of the hospital, including external communications, to ensure we continue to offer world-class patient services. Earning the “Silver Button” for FV’s YouTube channel demonstrates the Hospital’s commitment to supporting our patients, their relatives, and the community at large.

On behalf of the production team of the Benh Vien FV YouTube Channel, we would like to express our sincere thanks to the doctors, experts, patients and relatives who have donated their valuable time to share their knowledge and experiences. We would also like to thank our audience for supporting the channel.

FV’s team hopes that, with ongoing support, the Hospital’s channel will continue to develop and bring more compelling medical content to a wider audience. Congratulations to everyone at FVH on the achievements of the Benh Vien FV YouTube channel!

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