FV Hospital’s Colourful Christmas Festival – Welcome a Bright New Year

At FV Hospital, the end of the year is not only a time for everyone to reflect on a healthy year, but is also a time to tackle emotions with a fantastic Christmas programme. Over the past few weeks a world of colour, music, and affection was brought to our patients, family, and FV staff.

This year, a unique event has made Christmas at FV even more memorable – the Christmas Fair on 22nd December; the Fair has provided an extraordinarily fascinating shopping space with 23 booths, presenting many intriguing items ranging from apparel, accessories, gifts, handicrafts, along with delicious and one-of-a-kind cuisine. The fair created a cheerful environment, luring curious feet and enriching the features of the festival season at FV.

Bustling in the Christmas Fair 2023

On Christmas Day (25th December), Christmas characters made the tone at FV warm and joyful, especially with children’s smiles. Santa Claus, adorable fairies, and clowns visited all of the Paediatrics wards to delivering presents, conversation, and play to the kids. Gifts were also sent to the children at FV Hospital and FV Saigon Clinic, making the holiday season full of joy and many pleasant memories.

Christmas figures visit the Paediatric Ward to deliver gifts and have fun with the kids

Children received gifts from the clown when visiting FV Hospital on 25th, December

Previously, on 15th, 19th and 22nd December, members of the Fulbright University Vietnam choir added excitement and cultural diversity to the celebration. With the melding of classic and new songs, professionalism and improvisation, resulted in magnificent choirs. It is also impossible to ignore the pianists, who have recited their melodic sounds for several weeks and are still doing so today. Together with the brilliant colours at FV, each participant has produced an unforgettable creative highlight.

Many FV employees “improvised” their way into the Fulbright choir

Finally, with food being unquestionably the highlight of Christmas. This has been provided by FV Bistro and Café de Paris, who have created special menus brimming with the flavours of the holiday season. During this holiday season, the Christmas menu, with each dish made artistically and delightfully, has served many meals at FV and on banquet tables of many families.

Café de Paris has returned to serve clients “just in time” for Christmas

The tones of these days at FV aspire to bring everyone exciting, pleasant, and loving experiences as the year comes to an end. Every area and every passing moment tells a different narrative, yet it all comes together to paint a lovely image of this past year and usher us into the excitement of the new year 2024!