FV Immediately Implemented the emergency request from HCMC Department of Health – All COVID-19 samples at FV on 12th May 2021 give negative test results

In response to the complicated situation of the pandemic, on the evening of 12th May 2021, the Department of Health of HCMC issued an emergency request to all hospitals in the city to request to test of their medical staff, patients and their care givers in the hospital. Accordingly, in the evening of the same day, the Board of Directors of FV Hospital organized sampling and testing for COVID-19 according to the emergency request. All samples tested gave negative results.

To ensure that the extensive sampling process was conducted in accordance with instructions, safely and efficiently, representatives from the FV Hospital Board of Directors include Chief  Operating Officer – Ms Pham Thi Thanh Mai, Medical Director – Dr Do Trong Khanh, Nursing Director – Ms Lee Poh Lian and Deputy Medical Director – Dr Henri Maries, directly participated in coordinating the sampling and testing. FV has actively methodically trained doctors and staff, so that all of them have mastered the procedures of sampling, testing, isolating, and preventing infections from infectious diseases. All the procedures of the large-scale COVID-19 sampling went well.

FV Hospital with strong facilities, biosafety, staff, equipment, screening, isolation and testing procedures are up to standards. From April 2020, FV was the first private hospital in Vietnam licensed by the Ministry of Health to perform the COVID-19 confirmation test. Therefore, samples COVID-19 were analysed by the Laboratory & Blood Bank at FV on the evening of 12 May. By the morning of 13th May, all COVID-19 samples at FV provided negative results.

Through this large-scale test, FV Hospital continues to confirm that the infection control procedure in the hospital is being carried out well. FV always puts the safety of patients, their care givers and all staff at the highest priority.  The extensive testing of COVID-19 will contribute to the prevention of epidemics in HCMC, especially to limit cases of community infection and limit cross-infection.

Previously, to ensure continuous and safe medical examination and treatment at FV, the hospital actively completed the COVID-19 vaccination program for more than 95% of the staff. In April 2021, more than 1,000 employees at FV received their first COVID-19 vaccination. The second injections are being implemented from mid-May 2021.

From the beginning of the epidemic until now the COVID-19 infection control and screening processes have been strictly ensured at FV Hospital. At the entrance to the hospital building, registration and screening areas have been arranged readily. Everyone going in and out of the hospital is required to follow the recommendations of the Ministry of Health. The hospital continues to operate the screening process, isolating persons returning from epidemic area, having related symptoms or close contact with people positive of COVID-19. If a patient is found to be positive for COVID-19, they will be refereed to Tropical Diseases Hospital according to the guidance of the Ministry of Health.

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