FV launches full vaccination packages for children up to 24 months

To help families better monitor their babies’ vaccination programme and ensure timely injections, FV has launched a full vaccination package service for children aged 0-24 months, born at FV Hospital.

Customers who take advantage of this package are assured access to available vaccines at the time their child should be vaccinated, including the scarcity of vaccines such as Pneumococcal conjugate and NFANRIX HEXA 6-in-1 combination vaccines .etc

FV full vaccination programme includes 3 packages:

  • Children from 0 to 12 months old (priced at VND 19,890,000 to VND 24,570,000) (*)
  • Children from 0 to 18 months old (priced at VND 22,300,000 to VND 27,410,000) (*)
  • Children from 0 to 24 months old (price from VND 23,430,000 to VND 28,960,000) (*)

(*) The price fluctuates depending on the type of vaccine selected at time of purchase. 

Benefits when signing up for a full inoculation service at FV Hospital

  • Order vaccines ahead of time and keep them in storage at FV Hospital, ensuring your baby gets all vaccines on schedule.
  • FV Hospital uses high-quality vaccines with clear provenance, ensuring safety from delivery from the manufacturer through storage and injection.
  • Parents and guardians are provided comprehensive information on vaccination regimens for and fully consulted on their wishes for their child.
  • Package prices are fixed and unaffected by market price fluctuations for individual vaccines included in each regimen.
  • FV’s medical secretary will contact families to remind vaccination appointments according to the recommended schedule.
  • Injections will be administered without any additional fees.
  • The injection package can be used at FV Saigon Clinic and FV Hospital**

**Customers are required to make an appointment and inform FV staff about the vaccine package purchased and their preferred location.

At FV, a team of experienced paediatric doctors and nurses will conduct a thorough examination of the baby before vaccination and observe any post-injection reaction to ensure the baby is in optimal health. The examination area at FV Hospital is pleasantly decorated and the private vaccination room is well-ventilated, helping children to feel comfortable during the procedure.

“How do I sign up for a vaccination package?”

Customers can register for a referral and advice on the vaccine packages for babies offered at FV with Medical Secretaries of Paediatrics & Neonatology Department. Once parents and guardians have chosen a package, they may sign the relevant contract and complete the payment procedure.

For more information on FV’s vaccination packages, please contact FV’s Paediatrics & Neonatology Department on (028) 54 11 33 33, ext: 1231 or via email:

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