FV marks ‘Malnutrition Awareness Week 2020’

According to recent studies, every 60 seconds, 11 patients who are suffering with malnutrition are not properly diagnosed nor treated timely. Malnutrition significantly negatively affects the treatment results of patients and causes high rates of infection, hard wound healing, longer hospital stays, increases the frequency of relapse, and results in higher medical costs. This condition has a significant impact on the treatment results of patients leading to the need for long-term recovery and increases the mortality rate by three times compared to patients without the condition. Therefore, in addition to the treating of the causes and effects of a disease or injury, the patient’s nutrition also needs to be given proper attention.

With the aim to provide useful information on the importance of nutrition for patients and relatives, FV will be holding a week long event to mark Malnutrition Awareness Week. The event will take place between the 5th to 9th of October, 2020,  with many activities to help raise awareness about how vital nutrition is for the recovery of patients.

During this week long event, attendees can benefit from some great promotions within FV’s Dietetics & Nutrition Unit. They include:

  • 20% discount off consultation fee with nutritional experts
  • Free body composition analysis with InBody medical equipment

It is advised to take a nutritional examination in the following cases:

  • For children: where weight and height are lower than the standard level of those in the same age and sex, eating less than usual, struggle with physical activities, digestive problems, or teething problems, among others.
  • For adults: malnutrition, losing weight unreasonably, decrease in their sense of taste, suffering from oedema or containing water in their body, feeling tired for a long time, among others.
  • For those with chronic diseases such as: cancer, diabetes, cardiology, high blood pressure, kidney failure, pre and post-surgery patients, food allergies, anorexia or digestive system problems, dyslipidaemia, among others.

Experts of FV’s Dietetics & Nutrition Unit work by implementing a specific plan to treat and care for patients with the goal of providing enough nutrients to help them recover and maintain a healthy body. In addition, a patient’s body will be measured by using an Inbody machine to determine the condition of muscle loss in order to provide a tailored treatment plan.

To book an appointment with Dr Nguyen Viet Quynh Thu, Head of FV’s Dietetics & Nutrition Unit please contact: (028) 54 11 33 33 Ext: 1419

Malnutrition Awareness Week was established by the American Society for Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition (ASPEN) in 2012. Nowadays, it is supported by 69 organisations which share information and advice about nutrition to more than one million healthcare experts, patients and relatives.