FV offers 20% discount on surgeon fees, procedure & hospitalisation expenses for all General Surgical packages

To enable more patients to get access to the JCI-accredited FV Hospital’s world-class healthcare services, FV on February 27, 2017 launched a promotion programme offering a 20% discount on surgeon fees, procedure and hospitalisation expenses for all general surgical packages.

Dr Do Minh Hung, Head of General Surgery Department at FV, in a consultation session at the hospital

The promotion programme, valid until September 30, 2017, is designed for non-insured and locally-insured patients, not for internationally-insured patients, and does not apply to emergency surgery. With this promotion, the price of surgery at FV Hospital becomes lower than in most hospitals, private or public.

FV’s General Surgery Department treat patients suffering from colo-rectal cancer, from all conditions related to the gastrointestinal tract and liver, gallbladder and pancreas, as well as from conditions such as hernias, thyroid gland problems and sweaty palms. The department is led by Dr Do Minh Hung, MD, PhD, who has a huge experience having worked as general surgeon for more than 20 years and was head of the general surgery department in Binh Dan hospital. Also working in the department are Dr Le Duc Tuan, Dr Phan Van Thai and Dr Nguyen Quoc Thai.

Dr Minh Hung said: “As a surgeon, I always make efforts to apply the best procedures in minimally invasive surgery to minimize patient pain, help them recover faster and better while ensuring the best outcome.”

Dr Do Minh Hung performs endoscopic surgery at FV Hospital.


For appointments with the General Surgery Department, please call (028) 54 11 3333, ext: 1250.