FV Participates in the Talkshow ‘The Journey to Light Up the Eyes After 30 Years’ Produced by Thanh Nien Newspaper

We hear many miraculous stories of medicine helping many people’s lives. As an internationally accredited medical facility, FV Hospital has contributed to many inspiring life-changing stories thanks to the expertise and skills of the doctors.

Thanh Nien Newspaper, in collaboration with FV Hospital, is delighted to bring you the inspiring story of Mr Pham Ba Hong – the “person with similar voice” of Mr Dam in the talk show “The Journey to Light Up the Eyes After 30 Years”. With his emotionally charged voice, Mr Hong not only showcases his lifelong passion for singing but also shares his quest to regain his vision, a journey that was filled with challenges and hope.

The talkshow was broadcast live at 8:00 PM on 2nd August 2023 on FV Hospital’s official fan page and YouTube channel, Thanh Nien’s website, official fan page and YouTube channel. The touching story of Mr Ba Hong’s journey to regain sight after more than 30 years of living in darkness has brought emotions to many viewers, along with numerous words of encouragement and congratulations sent to him.

Beside telling us about the special encounter that led to unwavering support from singer Dam Vinh Hung who accompanied him throughout the surgical journey. The talk show also features participation of Ophthalmology expert from FV Hospital, Dr Nguyen Thi Mai, Head of the Ophthalmology & Refractive Surgery Department, who will tell us about how she helped Mr Hong and the opportunity that led to the restoration of sight for visually impaired people by the use of imported corneal transplants directly from the United States.

Light always exists, and sometimes, it comes from the relentless efforts of warm hearts. We hope Mr Hong’s story will serve as an inspiration and encouragement for those who seek light in their lives!

Join FV Hospital in welcoming a bright future with modern medicine and experience meaningful, emotional moments in the ” The Journey to Light Up the Eyes After 30 Years” talk show.

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