FV Receives ‘Good Clinical Practice (GCP)’ Accreditation, Opening Many Doors to Medical Research Cooperation

In January 2023, FV Hospital was officially awarded the certification of Good Clinical Practice (GCP) by the Department of Science, Technology and Training at Vietnam’s Ministry of Health. GCP accreditation illustrates that FV, among a few other private hospitals, have strongly leveraged research to contribute to the development of Vietnam’s medical field.

The assessment delegation from the Department of Science, Technology and Training, Ministry of Health, during a work session at the end of 2022

FV was one of a handful of pioneering private hospitals pursuing GCP accreditation. To achieve it, all departments at FV, including Pharmacy, Laboratory & Blood Bank, Quality Control Department, and the Medical Office had to develop and implement more than 35 different processes to meet the GCP standard. With this certification, The Hy Vong Cancer Centre can begin clinical trials of a new generation of lung cancer drugs, following strict GCP procedures.

Patients at Hy Vong Cancer Centre will have the opportunity to access safe, next-generation drugs through the GCP process.

In the future, FV will also continue to make efforts to apply for permission to expand clinical drug trials for treatment in other specialties alongside testing new generations of medical equipment. GCP certification will create many research opportunities for doctors, pharmacists, specialists and FV staff, generally, and increase the possibility of cooperative research between FV and large domestic and foreign medical organisations and enterprises.

Ms Nguyen Thi Ly, Medical Office Manager, said: “Acquiring GCP accreditation is a great accomplishment by the FV team—the process is not easy. We will now have more opportunities to conduct studies after obtaining the certification. I believe FV will deliver exceptional results thanks to the hospital’s highly specialised staff and its comprehensive process.”

FV Hospital is increasing its investment to facilitate advanced medical research (Projected design view of FV Hospital in 2025)

FV is a multi-specialty hospital staffed by a highly qualified and experienced team, in addition to hosting visiting experts and professional technicians in related fields. FV’s quality management system, including JCI and HAS standards, ensures FV’s medical data storage process is world-class while also ensuring transparency and accuracy in treatment and medical recording. These advantages predetermine FV as an excellent clinical research environment for staff and medical organisations seeking partners.

“Good Clinical Practice” (GCP) is the international ethical, scientific and practical standard to which all clinical research is conducted. It provides guidance for researchers, donors, governance bodies, and ethical and scientific review boards. GCP helps these groups to define a direction to design, conduct, implement, monitor, evaluate, analyse and report on clinical trials. GCP will also ensure data reliability and accuracy for research results. Accordingly, it helps to protect the rights, safety and confidentiality of the human subjects who participate in the trials.

Patients participating in the clinical trial process (at a GCP-certified study) are guaranteed benefits, provided full information about the trial, and their treatment costs are fully covered by the sponsor during the study period. Consenting to participate in clinical trials helps patients gain access to new, safe and low- or no-cost treatment.

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