FV Saigon Clinic – The Right Choice For Many Groups Of Patients

After many years of development, the FV Saigon Clinic (FVC) is located at the centre of Ho Chi Minh City in the Bitexco building. The clinic is well-known in the local community and also attracts many international tourists for health check-ups. This is a reflection of the comprehensive service quality and modern healthcare facilities that FV provides.

Friendly and convenient clinic for families in the city centre

One of FVC’s strengths is its multi-disciplinary consultation model. Patients are not only advised by specialists in their field but also can consult with experts from various specialties. This is an important factor to ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the health status of every member of your family.

FVC provides specialists over a wide range such as paediatrics, obstetrics and gynaecology, ENT, orthopaedic, internal medicine, dermatology, and psychiatry.

Additionally, the clinic includes child psychologists as well as psychological counselling for adults. The professional and multi-specialty nature of FV Hospital, combined with its convenient location, has made FVC a familiar and prestigious healthcare facility for many families in the city centre.

The waiting area for paediatric patients creates a comfortable atmosphere for children

One of FVC’s unique features is its ability to perform over 30 types of medical tests and diagnostic imaging techniques such as CT, X-ray and ultrasound, all on-site. This integration allows patients save time and provides examination results faster. Facilitating the treatment process. Ms. Pham Ha Vy (Clinic Manager at FVC) confirms: “The clinic provides various procedures with the aim of providing the most convenient experience for patients'”

State-of-the-art imaging diagnostics and laboratories at FVC

With limited space on the 3rd floor of the Bitexco building, the FV Saigon Clinic also provides the feeling of a mini FV Hospital. Along with the diversity in medical expertise, the arrangement of double reception desks – patient processing, central area for medical consultation, service consulting areas, insurance payment and assistance with hospital transfer to FV Hospital, has created a standardised processes and accessibility for various patient groups at FVC.

Enhancing services to provide more comprehensive healthcare process

Not only satisfying the local community, but FVC has also become an ideal health check-up destination for many international tourists. Ms Ha Vy mentioned that the number of international visitors to the clinic is often equivalent to or sometimes even exceeds that of Vietnamese patients. Receiving numerous international visitors for health check-ups demonstrates the diversity and credibility of services at FVC, this can only enhance the image of healthcare in Ho Chi Minh City for the international community.

New pharmacy brings additional convenience to patients at FVC

In the last months of 2023, the clinic also launched a new pharmacy, with the ability to store a greater variety of medications, as well as providing additional professional advice from pharmacists. Previously, some medications had to be delivered from FV Hospital to the patients’ homes, causing some inconvenience for the patients. Currently, having a well-stocked professional pharmacy not only helps patients receive their medication immediately but also allows medication advice easily delivered.

In addition to maintaining existing great service, FVC will soon introduce some new services. Particularly notable is the involvement of Dr Daniel Bialeoko (Head of Plastic Surgery & Cosmetics Department – FV Lifestyle) who will be available to provide consultation and perform non-invasive procedures directly at the clinic. This is expected to bring new opportunities to many FV Lifestyle customers who require gentle and simple “beautification” procedures, with prestigious doctors, safe procedures, at very convenient locations.

Dr Daniel Bialeoko will implement various non-invasive cosmetic techniques directly at FVC

As FV Hospital is a member of the Thomson Medical Group, the future, the FV Saigon Clinic will undoubtedly continue to receive many other investments, alongside the development of FV. This includes projects to expand the clinic’s scale, as well as invest in equipment to develop core specialties and additional services.

The combination of quality healthcare and the prime location has made the FV Saigon Clinic the first choice for patients in the city centre, as well as for many tourists visiting Ho Chi Minh City. This motivates the clinic to continuously improve service quality, continuing to be an ideal healthcare destination for the community and contributing to the city’s healthcare and tourism