FV Staff are supported with Temporary housing – Ensure the health as well as maintain the safe medical activities during the pandemic

With maintain continuity in patients care and as well as ensure the health, and create the convenient work conditions for staff  during the epidemic. FV Hospital has launched the policy to provide temporary housing for staff in the case that the homes are in lockdown.

Accordingly, FV staff who has difficulties with accommodation can directly talk to their manager and FV Human Resources Department. After that, they will receive the instruction for registration with Human Resources Department. In addition, before checking in to the accommodation, staff will need a negative COVID-19 test. The cost for COVID-19 test will also be covered by FV Hospital.

Ms Phan Dieu Ha (Human Resources Director) shared that depending on the tasks of each staff, FV Hospital will arrange that staff  to work from home or move to accommodation provided by the hospital. She added: “Especially, it is necessary to ensure the clinical staff in the hospital so that examination, treatment and patients care are carried out smoothly”.

Right now FV Hospital provides temporary accommodation at two locations, the housing at the hospital campus and an apartment complex about two kilometers that is rented by the FV Hospital. The cost for this accommodation will be paid by FV Hospital. In total, both areas are currently housing 60 employees; the amount of people that can be accommodated will be expanded according to the demand.

The accommodation is arranged with a separate kitchen for each room so that everyone can cook the meal. Mr Do Chi Tam (Head Nurse of ICU) who is living in an apartment shared that “There are some difficulties in eating and drinking. However, staff can arrange it well by pre-order meals at the hospital. Moreover, this accommodation is convenient to travel to FV Hospital for work”. He added on the day his home was locked-down, FV staff actually contacted him and arranged the temporary housing. Besides that, FV Hospital also send a vehicle to pick him up, as he had limited transportation.

Dr Le Quang Huy (FV Orthopedics Department) who is using this service shared that:” The support was applied very promptly, the place where I lived was locked down in the morning, but in the afternoon, they arranged the new place. It is proved that FV Board of Directors care for their staff and it is also the great encouragement for the employees.”

This policy has partly helped FV staff have a stable mental and physical condition to continue their work to care for patient as well as ensure the prevention of COVID-19 following the HCMC policy.

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