FVH celebrates international nurses day 12th may!

Nurses are essential assistants to our doctors and are responsible for patient care at FVH. They carry out routine investigations, check and administer drugs and injections, and perform innumerable other tasks from a patient’s initial care to discharge.

The importance of nursing in patient care is reflected in the size of the nursing team at FV Hospital – at around 232 nurses, it is fairly large and accounts for nearly one-half of the total hospital staff.

This year’s Nurses Day was celebrated at FV Hospital to recognise the significant contributions of the FVH’s nursing team in taking care of patients. This event also affirms our commitment to continuing to provide world-class healthcare services.

The morale of Nurses – The force for change, the vital resource for health sparked excitement among the nurses at FV Hospital’s International Nurses Day ceremony.

On the afternoon of 13th May 2014, the ceremony to celebrate International Nurses Day (12th May) was held successfully.

In his speech at this event, Dr. Jean-Marcel Guillon, FV Hospital’s CEO, emphasised the importance of the nursing staff in connecting doctors with patients. Nurses are responsible for recording all patients’ symptoms and reporting to doctors. Dr. Jean-Marcel Guillon also expressed his pride in FV’s nursing staff and hope that they would continue to do an excellent job communicating with patients during their treatment at FV Hospital.

Representatives from FV’s Medical Ward, A&E, Maternity, ICU, and OPD delivered their contributions to an eloquent contest themed Nurses – A force for change, a vital resource for health. Presentations were well-prepared with drawings on posters and even video clips.

In this exciting, dynamic atmosphere, FV’s nurses revised the history of nursing and confirmed the responsibilities of nurses as essential assistants to doctors treating patients, as well as giving patients their medicine and injections among many other tasks.

The rhetorical and fluent presentation from the representatives of A&E impressed all guests at the ceremony with the demonstration of nurses’ tireless work in caring for patients.

On the other hand, the sophisticated presentation with a video clip from the Maternity team received high praise from everyone. The nurses performed an elaborate play on giving care to women during pregnancy and childbirth. The main cast was made up ofthe department’s nurses, whose professional acting evoked both laughter and thoughtful moments during the ceremony.

The first prize was awarded to A&E, the first runner-up prize was awarded to Maternity, and the second runner-up prize was given to OPD. The Medical Ward and ICU teams were co-winners of the third runner-up prize.

Ms. Pauline Lee, Nursing Director, once again reminded us of the necessary skills nurses must have when caring for patients before the tea break.

We wish our nurses better health, joy and every success in the future!

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