FVH launches children of vietnam foundation financing to treat congenital heart disease in paediatric patients

On June 19, the Children of Vietnam Charitable Fund helped Dang Minh Thien, 7, undergo treatment for stenosis (narrowing) of the mitral valve and right pulmonary artery. After the hour-long surgery at FV Hospital’s Cardiology Department, his condition improved. This was the first time this year that a paediatric patient with congenital heart disease has received support from the Fund. The entire cost of his care, VND 105 million, was financed by the Fund.

Born to a poor family, Dang Minh Thien was cared for by his grandmother while his parents worked, and was in poor health with pale skin due stenosis of his pulmonary artery, which takes blood from the heart to the lungs. As his disease worsened, it became increasingly hard for Minh Thien to breathe and he tired easily whenever he moved. Despite the family’s poor financial circumstances, they brought him to hospital for routine surgical treatment, until his grandmother was introduced to The Children Of Vietnam Charitable Fund through its national media call to find young patients with congenital heart disease. Once the Fund has investigated Minh Thien’s circumstances, its board worked with FV Hospital doctors and administrators to provide treatment for his condition.

Dang Minh Thien is the first patient of 10 to be offered free treatment. His initial condition was noted: pulmonary artery branches had to be narrowed by 70% from the origin. After an hour-long surgery involving endovascular coiling, FV’s Head of Cardiology Dr Huynh Ngoc Long declared the surgery successful.

Minh Thien was discharged from hospital in improved health and can now live like a normal child. Dr Huynh Ngoc Long said: “Timely intervention enabled me to enlarge the pulmonary vein branch to increase blood flow to the lungs. As a result, his health will improve, his skin will not be so pale and he will not tire nor faint when exercising. In the long run, he will be free to run and play, and develop physically in the same way as his friends.”

There are still many children in Vietnam in need of help. If you have any information about disadvantaged children with heart disease, please inform The Children Of Vietnam Foundation. Let’s share information and bring more opportunities to sick children across the country.

From now until 31/12/2018, The Children Of Vietnam Charitable Fund will work with FV Hospital to receive and treat paediatric patients with congenital heart disease, free of charge to the patient.

  • FVH and the Fund are seeking children between two and 16 years of age, with extremely difficult family circumstances.
  • Treatment will be offered for congenital heart problems such as ventricular septal defects, atrial septal defects, patent ductus arteriosus, pulmonary valve stenosis, and coarctation (narrowing) of the aorta.

To help poor children suffering from heart disease, please notify us through FV Hospital’s Facebook fan page or contact Ms Dong Phuong on 090 906 7718 (Zalo, Viber).

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