FV’s highly qualified medical team contributes to the Hospital’s acquisition of JCI Accreditation for the third consecutive time

FV Hospital is strict in its selection of the most highly qualified, dedicated medical doctors and medical staff. This human resources mandate has helped FV to achieve the Joint Commission International (JCI) Gold Seal accreditation for the third time in 2022.

FV’s third JCI Gold Seal

FV focuses on the quality of doctors and medical staff

In Vietnam, FV is the first and only hospital in the South to receive JCI accreditation for the third consecutive time. FV Hospital achieved the Golden Seal with an impressive score of 98 per cent following assessment under almost 1,200 criteria, and is rated “excellent” by JCI’s expert team. Among the criteria, professional qualifications and medical training rank highly.

The hospital has nearly 700 doctors and medical staff, of which 550 people work full time while the rest comprise collaborating doctors and consultants, all of whom are leading domestic and international experts.

The entire FV team is happy and proud that the hospital won the third JCI Gold Seal

Ms Phan Dieu Ha, Human Resources Director of FV Hospital, says FV applies a strict recruitment and assessment process for its doctors and medical staff, according to the regulations of the hospital and the Ministry of Health. In addition, JCI also has regulations on the process of management, screening and evaluation of all employees at FV. Examination and verification of patient records and assessment of practical treatment and patient care capacity are strictly assessed by the Human Resources Department and the FV Professional Supervision Council. “These standards aim to ensure patient safety,” adds Ms Dieu Ha.

FV also has a sizeable budget for training and improving the professional qualifications of doctors and medical staff through short- and long-term training domestically and abroad, including training visits to advanced medical centres and online and in-person intensive courses and seminars.

The hospital has also built a Clinical Key online library which taps into the world’s largest source of data, a resource which is constantly updated with medical and healthcare knowledge and information. FV’s staff can quickly access technical trends and advanced techniques to improve their expertise at any time.

Every year, the hospital also organises many professional conferences to share new studies and healthcare developments and technologies. Recent prestigious conferences held by FV include Advancements Of Radiotherapy In Cancer Treatment; New Techniques in Radiotherapy; Optimal Treatment and Recovery for Covid-19 Patients; Early Recovery After Surgery (ERAS); Palliative Care and Pain Control During Cancer Care.

JCI is synonymous with FV’s culture

Ms Pham Thi Thanh Mai, COO of FV Hospital, explains that, to ensure JCI standards are maintained in daily operations, FV has made the JCI standards process part of the Hospital’s culture. Doctors follow the standards in consultation, examination, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation. Observers will also note careful adherence to JCI standards in aseptic hygiene, waste management and infection control, and the upkeep of medical facilities and all other amenities.

FV Hospital is certified by JCI for the third time in a row

In addition, FV Hospital follows strict operating procedures, especially strict compliance with international standard treatment regimens and clear and detailed medical records to ensure nothing is omitted to avoid any confusion or miscommunication in patient treatment. Management of medical risk to patients also contributes to protecting the medical team, helping each member to be more confident in their treatment process.

“I am very proud of the medical team in being so proactive in achieving JCI accreditation again. This time, my involvement and direction were minimal. Patient safety is always the true north of the FV team,” says Dr Jean-Marcel Guillon, FV’s CEO.

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