FV’s Traditional Medicine Department: Combining Professional Practices with Modern Medicine to Increase Treatment Efficiency

The term “traditional medicine” refers to traditional medical knowledge and approaches, such as manual therapy and plant-based medicines, developed over generations before the era of modern medicine. Traditional medicine is widely practiced in East Asian countries and many of its methods are approved by World Health Organisation (WHO). Some uses of traditional medicine are also listed by the Vietnamese Ministry of Health.

Many methods of traditional medicine have been modernised and scientifically proven to yield positive results, especially in combination with Western medicine (when healthcare professionals treat symptoms and diseases using drugs, radiation and surgery).

FV Hospital’s Traditional Medicine Department combines Vietnam’s long history of traditional medicine with the standards of an international standard hospital. FV’s specialists currently deploy several regimens, including Acupuncture, Catgut Embedding Therapy, Ear Acupuncture Method, Massage and Acupressure.

Acupuncture, a non-medical treatment available in many countries, is when needles are used to stimulate points under the skin. This method is often combined with moxibustion, when heat is introduced to act on acupuncture points.

Acupuncture helps to recover the peripheral nerves by improving blood flow and boosting the metabolism. In 2002, the WHO noted that more than 40 diseases, symptoms and disorders were effectively treated by acupuncture.

In catgut embedding therapy, threads are placed into acupuncture points under the skin to maintain prolonged stimulation. In auricular (ear) acupuncture, the practitioner applies acupuncture solely to the ear of the patient. The WHO has approved 39 acupuncture standardised points for this method.

Finally, massage and acupressure are hand therapy techniques which stimulate the patients’ acupuncture points, subcutaneous tissue and tendons. These physical manipulations stimulate the nerves to enhance the body’s functions and promote nutrient metabolism.

According to Dr Diec Kha Han, Head of Traditional Medicine at FV Hospital, these traditional methods are extremely effective at treating neuropathy disorders, such as sciatica, pain following shingles, peripheral nerve paralysis VII, facial muscle tics, paralysis after stroke, headaches related to insomnia, and vestibular disorders.

Traditional medicine can also help to treat musculoskeletal pathology issues, such as osteoarthritis, degenerative spine disorders, rheumatoid arthritis and syndromes of the neck and shoulders.

Patients with other issues, including gastrointestinal disturbances, constipation/persistent diarrhoea, asthma (especially following an acute episode), sinusitis, obesity and menstrual disorders, as well as patients undergoing rehabilitation following a stroke, may also benefit from traditional disciplines.

Catgut embedding therapy has also been proven safe and effective in the field of aesthetics to help reduce belly fat and obesity.

Traditional medicine therapies focus on stimulating the nervous system and improving blood circulation and metabolism and have minimal risk of side effects. Using traditional medicine in combination with Western medicine can also reduce the side effects of drugs prescribed by modern treatments.

Although the course of treatment is usually longer than those prescribed in Western medicine and patients feel the effectiveness of treatment more slowly, the benefits from traditional medicine are often long-term with a lower risk of complications during and after treatment.

FV Hospital’s Traditional Medicine Department team of doctors utilise equipment from the Imaging Department and Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation Department to support diagnosis and rehabilitation.

Procedures are performed in a private, international-standard room featuring a full range of specialised equipment, such as electrical acupuncture machines and the latest, most efficacious tools, all of which are thoroughly sterilised after each use.

To make an appointment with Dr Diec Kha Han, Head of Traditional Medicine, FV Hospital, please contact: 028 5411 3333, ext. 1419

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