“Hand magician” Stéphane Guero comes to work at FV

From 20 – 25 November 2017, Dr Stéphane Guero, one of the founders of Hand Surgery Institute of France, will provide examination and treatment for patients, especially paediatric patients, with congenital hand malformations or trauma-related deformities at FV Hospital’s Hand Surgery Department.

Dr. Stephane Guero has built his reputation as a “Hand Magician” after 20 years of experience in the field successfully performing difficult hand surgeries such as:

  • Brachial plexus surgery
  • Congenital hand malformation surgery
  • Bone grafting for congenital polydactyly
  • Finger transformation surgery
  • Hand function restoration surgery
  • Syndactyly surgery

During one of his many previous trips to FVH, Dr Guero conducted a successful surgery on VT (born in Hanoi in 2015), when he transformed an index finger into a thumb on VT’s right hand.

In the case of KL (born in HCMC in 2015) her right thumb was very small and could not hold anything, while her left hand did not have the radius wrist bone and her wrist’s external muscle and left thumb were missing. Her left hand also curved down towards the wrist instead of aligning with it.

In cases of complicated deformities, Dr Guero uses the Sonopet ultrasonic aspirator, which allows fine dissection while ultimately minimising bleeding.

Consequently, it is very helpful in the removal of diseased tissue without damaging important components such as blood vessels and nerves, and helps to reduce blood loss and possible post-surgical complications; patients also benefit from a shorter recovery time.

To make an appointment, please contact (028) 54 11 33 33, ext 1227.

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