Happy Vietnamese Doctor’s Day in Special Year

We have been through a tense 2020, but it was not too hard to see the sacrifices, efforts, and the vital roles played by healthcare professionals over the past year. The fight against Covid-19 has yet to come to an end, prompting WHO to choose 2021 as the Year of the Health and Care workers worldwide. That is reason that the Vietnam Doctor’s Day this year has also becoming more marked.

As a new outbreak of Covid-19 is back in Vietnam, all activities in the city are being affected. Although the current epidemic is being very well controlled, there is still a lot of collaboration from the community and especially efforts from the health sector. Therefore, this year’s activities to appreciate our doctors must be put aside to make room for the larger goals of the country in general and the medical profession in particular. This also shows respect and encouragement for the part the doctors are undertaking who are still busy at the anti-epidemic front lines.

However, our hearts are still filled with gratitude for the doctors, or anyone who once received the care of physicians. In his letter to the doctors on this Vietnam Doctor’s Day, Dr Jean-Marcel (CEO of FV Hospital) shared: ” I’d like to tell you how proud I am to have this group of talented, skilled, dedicated, dynamic professionals working for FV Hospital, and the group is getting bigger with new doctors joining, attracted by the good ambiance, great working attitudes and the positivity you demonstrate.  Be certain that myself and the whole management will do everything we can to make your professional life as good as it gets, with the right environment, the right equipment, the right support”.

The Board of Directors congratulates Dr Jean-Marcel on Doctor’s day.

Today in an atmosphere of gratitude, members of the Board of Directors on behalf of all staff visited directly and presented a small gift, with a thank you message from CEO Jean-Marcel to each of the doctors who are working at FV Hospital and FV Saigon Clinic. Besides, FV Hospital is very happy to receive many greetings from government authority in Ho Chi Minh City.

Representatives of District 7 government authority sent flowers and greeting to FV Hospital.

February 27th this year is not only a day of gratitude, but also a day for doctors to look back and encourage each other, for past efforts and for challenges that will come. Representative of the Medical Office, Dr Do Trong Khanh (Medical Director) sent his best wishes to his colleagues and hopes that the medical industry in Vietnam would remain steadfast in the face of the waves of epidemic. Dr Khanh added: “This year I hope the doctors will take better care of their health and the hospital will continue to overcome the challenges ahead.”

In a year when the world is all about health and the medical industry, doctors will be, more than anyone else, individuals who need greater stamina and health to fulfill their mission. “This year, the doctors have done their best, I hope everyone will stay healthy, practice sports to always be ready to fight,” said Dr Phan Van Thai (Head of General Surgery).

Representatives of the Board of Directors presented gifts and greeting to the doctors.

Practicing medicine is a difficult path that a few people bravely choose, on that path it takes strong will to go to achieve glory in the philosophy of Hippocrates. The late Professor, Dr Ngo Gia Hy once said: “If the mind is fluttering, how can the mind be fluttering, how to keep the ethics”. We wish the doctors still keep an elite mind and a diligent hand to always find the noble and the best in their career. Ethical practice is not only the belief that FV is always aiming for, ethics is also a heavy luggage in the heart, but any physician needs to bring along his or her own medical ethics.

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