Healthy Living with FV moves to digital format

Dear FV Customers,

Healthy Living with FV is a newsletter published by FV Hospital for all its patients and staff. Its aim is to provide up-to-date information at FV Hospital, from hospital activities, healthcare, new treatment technology, to meaningful stories from both doctors and patients. Through the publication, FV’s editors also look to help readers take care of their health and provide tips to live well every day.

From the edition No.1/2020, to keep up with modern trends, Healthy Living with FV will now be moved to a solely digital format. Via connected smart devices (laptops, smartphones, tablets, etc.), patients and staff will now be able to read the newsletter anytime, anywhere, as FV Hospital will send out future editions via email. In addition, patients will also have the opportunity to access further information on FV Hospital’s website:

FV Hospital hopes that by moving away from a hard copy to a now digital format, patients and staff can access Healthy Living with FV more conveniently.

Thank you and best regards from the Board of Editors of Healthy Living with FV.