Instruction to check information of ‘3 doses vaccinated’ on PC-COVID app

Currently, the booster dose (3rd dose) vaccination against COVID-19 is widely deployed in Ho Chi Minh City and many regions in Vietnam. Personal information and vaccination history will be displayed on the PC-COVID application. This is a tool for the authorities to manage pandemic safety in the future.

The uploading of the booster dose information on the national Vaccination Portal is the responsibility of the vaccination centre. If there are questions or concerns about the information that has been updated, please contact the medical centre where you were vaccinated.

To check the booster vaccination information (3rd dose) on the PC-COVID app, you need to download and open the PC-COVID app. The 3rd jab information will be displayed automatically.

In case you do not see the “3 doses vaccinated” icon displayed on the PC-COVID application, you can check the following steps:

  • Step 1: Tap on the icon “2 dose vaccination” on the home page of the PC-COVID app.

  • Step 2: Select the arrow “>” of the line “2 dose vaccination”.

  • Step 3: Scroll to the bottom, select the button “More information” (IOS) or “Latest vaccination information” (Android).

  • Close the PC-COVID application and reopen it.

In case the information is not displayed, you need to check and ensure that the vaccination centre has correctly uploaded the personal information of that dose on the National Vaccination Portal. However, in some cases the application is still not updated, you can check again in the next few days following the same method.