JCI CEO pays a visit to FV hospital

On September 9, during a visit to FV Hospital with representatives of local and regional hospitals, Ms. Paula Wilson, CEO of Joint Commission International (JCI), joined a quick press meeting to discuss the JCI certification that FV has been awarded and the values it represents, such as its world-class guarantee of safety for patients.

Bà Paula Wilson (áo hoa văn đen trắng) tham quan FV ngày 9/9/2016

Speaking to Vietnamese journalists, Ms. Paula revealed: “What I witness today once again confirms that FV Hospital is completely qualified for JCI accreditation. I believe that every day, all staff members of FV Hospital, including its CEO, are striving to provide the best services and treatments for their patients.”

Ms. Paula shared that, in order for a hospital to continually improve quality and patient safety, it needs to constantly develop its board of management. This spirit is demonstrated vividly at FV Hospital: when middle management promotes hospital policy, their passion inspires each of its staff members.

“Take hand hygiene for example. It is widely known that hand cleansing is the most simple and effective way to prevent many diseases. However, it is difficult to make it a habit that is strictly practiced throughout the hospital unless it is first fully embraced by its leaders and then relentlessly promoted to staff members,” adds Ms. Paula.

Ms. Paula also expressed her hope to see more hospitals in Vietnam follow the quality journey of FV Hospital to further improve the quality of healthcare offered to patients around the country.

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