Launching The FV Hospital’s Official News Channel – FV Magazine

FV Hospital launches the hospital’s official news channel – FV Magazine, to provide readers with useful, reliable, and comprehensive information from FV Hospital.

FV Magazine is a site to provide official information from FV Hospital, regularly update readers on modern treatment techniques, successful cases, conditions & treatments. Through FV Magazine, readers can access valuable, trustworthy, and comprehensive information from FV Hospital.

FV Magazine has many interesting categories including: News & Event, Successful Case, Doctor in Focus, Highlight Technique & Service, Promotion, Condition & Treatment.

FV Magazine is also the “home” for four long-standing magazines at FV Hospital, including “What’s up, Doc? – FV Hospital Partners Program Newsletter”, “FV Health eNews,” “Healthy Living with FV” and “FV Family”. These magazines provide information about notable events at the hospital, share heartfelt stories from patients and members of the FV Family, while also fostering stronger connections for inspiring medical students and young professionals who are looking to purse their passion in the field of medicine.

FV Magazine is presented in an impressive multimedia format, featuring highlighted articles accompanied by vivid images and video clips, designed for a wide range of readers including patients, customers, FVH partners, and community. Especially, the meticulously produced video clips by the professional team at FVtv – the official FV’s YouTube channel which recently  were honoured with the SILVER PLAY BUTTON from YouTube.

To stay updated on valuable medical information from FV Hospital, please visit FV Magazine HERE.