Mai Linh Taxi supports FV patients during Covid-19 epidemic

Together with the community to help prevent Covid-19, FV Hospital in collaboration with Mai Linh Taxi Group provides free service transport service for patients discharged and transferred.

The Mai Linh Taxi coordinator will be available at FV Hospital from 8.00 to 18.00 to help and arrange the service for:

  • Discharged / transferred patients (please provide the relevant documents to the driver.)
  • Pregnant women with symptoms of labor, can contact Maternity Department: 028 5411 3505 for further instructions.
  • For disable patients who are difficult in walking, patients will be escorted to the taxi by FV’s receptionists / nurses to confirm for assist.

Outside of these hours, please contact Emergency hotline 115 or Mai Linh Taxi Call Centre at 1055 for assistance.


The offer is applied during Covid-19 prevention and control according to the Government regulation

  • Free support for patients moving in the inner area of ​​Ho Chi Minh City.
  • For the case of visitors, medical consultation, or without hospital discharge/ transfer report, Mai Linh taxi has the right to refuse providing service following this support program
  • Mai Linh Taxi provides personal protection equipment such as masks, hand sanitizers for customers and patients. After each trip, the taxi is disinfected to ensure safety for everyone.

We hope that this service can help patients who are concerned about transportation during the Covid-19 epidemic and will have more options to ensure their health.

For women in emergency situations such as abdominal pain, amniotic rupture … please call FV Maternity Department immediately –028 5411 3505 for detailed instructions. In emergency cases, FV will provide free ambulance assistance with doctors and midwives to pick up pregnant women at home.