More Than 180 Volunteers Participated in the 9th ‘Give Blood – Give Hope’ Programme at FV Hospital

The atmosphere in the 9th “Give Blood – Give Hope” blood donation programme was light as the upcoming Tet holiday. Although it was not as busy as previous times, the blood donation programme on the morning of January 13th, 2023 still received large participation from patients, their relatives and FV staff.

The 9th “Give Blood – Give Hope” programme received a large number of participation

The programme received more than 180 volunteers, of which 139 were eligible and 44 delayers. The average volume of each unit of blood is 350ml, the programme collected 144 units of blood. This is a very meaningful action just before the Lunar New Year.

Besides FV staff, the 9th “Give Blood – Give Hope” programme also received the participation of many staff from departments and clinics operating outside of FV. Typically, many members of FV Saigon Clinic, Business Development Department, Project Development Department, all come to FV to donate blood, before returning to daily work at many different locations.

Staff from outside FV Hospital arrange to participate in this blood donation activity

The programme also welcomed many patients and relatives to donate blood at FV for the first time. Mr. P.V.D. (42 years old, HCMC) shared: “I visited my relatives and saw that the programme was announced so I decided to join. The process at FV is quite fast and also very comfortable.” Like V.D., many participants in the programme also wished that through this act of giving, they would receive good luck in the new year.

The “Give Blood – Give Hope” programme is an annual charity program (twice yearly) organised by FV Hospital in association with Blood Transfusion Haematology Hospital. The programme has become a staple tradition for all FV staff, but in recent times it was extended to patients, relatives, and visitors.

The programme goes on throughout the morning and was more crowded in the late hours

The 9th “Give Blood – Give Hope” programme is the first FV blood donation activity in 2023. Through blood donations, FV Hospital hopes to contribute to the treatment of patients in Ho Chi Minh City and surrounding areas. The programme was held a week before the Lunar New Year Holiday 2023, it is hoped to bring luck and well-being to the volunteers and the organisers.