Mr Phan Van Binh, a Therapeutic Radiographer at FV Hospital, who achieved the Best Oral Presentation in 7th Annual Conference of Vietnamese Association of Radiological Technologists

FV Hospital was honoured to participate in the 7th Conference hosted by the Vietnamese Association of Radiological Technologists on 23rd and 24th August 2019 in Ariyana Conference Centre, Da Nang. Here, Hy Vong Cancer Centre of FV Hospital was recognized as the centre with the best oral presentation on radiotherapy and nuclear medicine session. The report was regarding the Introduction to Motion Management in Radiotherapy with Active Breathing Coordinator (ABC) Experience at FV Hospital. It was presented by Mr Phan Van Binh, a Therapeutic Radiographer of the cancer care centre, and gained great attention from the academic guests due to the practical benefits it brings to cancer patients.

The theme of the 7th Conference was Training and Updating Latest Knowledge on Radiology and Nuclear Medicine for the Safety of Patients. This year’s conference includes 58 reports from speakers. The organisers also presented three awards for the best reports in three different categories; diagnostic imaging, radiotherapy and nuclear medicine.

Mr Phan Van Binh presented the deep inspiration hold breathing technique with Active Breathing Coordinator (ABC) system using his experience from cancer cases at Hy Vong Cancer Centre. The presentation was illustrated with a video clip to demonstrate the modern technique which is applied at Hy Vong Cancer Centre at FV Hospital and in a couple of other hospitals in Vietnam. This new technique achieves both for patient, a better outcome and a more accurate radiotherapy.

The drawback is that the radiotherapy procedure last longer due to the additional explanation and training provided by the therapeutic radiographers to instruct patients on how to coordinate their breathing to fit the treatment plan and it also needs more collaboration from the patients. Thus, at Hy Vong Cancer Centre, the caregivers take more time to explain and instruct patients before performing. Mr Binh concluded with a message; ‘Though the facility and technology is developing day by day, we can never work 100% relying on the machines without dedication for each patient. Regarding radiotherapy, we have to check the equipment frequently to ensure it works well and achieve the most accurate results.

The report presented by Mr Phan Van Binh received positive interactions from the academic guests in the conference. Some specialists working overseas, who also use this technique, joined the sharing session and suggested to begin and develop the preparation for patients at their home so that the application at the hospital would take a shorter time. With his detailed and impressive presentation, Mr Phan Van Binh was awarded for The Best Oral Presentation in Radiotherapy and Nuclear Medicine session at the conference.

Mr Binh added there is a lot of advanced technology that can be applied to radiotherapy which has been developed in other countries. Vietnam generally, and Hy Vong Cancer Centre specifically, will update consistently and apply the best techniques to bring the most effective care to patients. Once again, congratulations to Mr Phan Van Binh, we hope you continue your research and produce future reports to support the medical community in Vietnam.

The Vietnamese Association of Radiological  Technologists was established in 2013. Currently, it is a member of the International Society of Radiographers and Radiological Technologists (ISRRT). In Vietnam, the association has almost 1000 members, including experienced radiographers. Every year, the associtation hosts much scientific conference in the region. All of the conference includes reports on Vietnamese members and overseas specialists, coming from France, the US, Singapore, Japan, Korean, Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia, the Philippines, Myanmar, among others.

Together with the 7th Annual Conference was also hold the 5th Regional Conference of Vietnam, Myanmar and Philippines Radiological Technologists. It provides a great occasion to summarize and recognize the achievements in diagnostic imaging, radiotherapy and nuclear medicine. The achievements are based on the latest scientific and academic research, as well as related topics by national and international specialists, professionals, doctors and radiographers.

Mr Phan Van Binh – a Therapeutic Radiographer with an eager learning attitude.

After graduating from University of Medicine and Pharmacy in Ho Chi Minh City, and being specialised in Medical imaging techniques, Mr Binh joined FV Hospital and applied his knowledge to provide radiotherapy services to many patients. After four months, he received a Master scholarship specialising in Medical Imaging and Radiological Technology in Taiwan. He completed the course and came back to work as Therapeutic Radiographer at FV Hospital.

The more he gets in contact with the patients through his work, the more he realizes how the relationship with cancer patients is full of humanity. They trusted and shared with the staff many things about their lives. The patient is cheerful and open-minded, which is the spiritual pill that motivates them to go through treatment.

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