Non-surgical treatment for myopia using Ortho-K

To provide more treatment options for patients with vision disorders, the Ophthalmology & Refractive Surgery Department at FV Hospital offers myopia treatment by corneal refractive therapy (Ortho-K).

This method is recommended for the following patients: people affected by myopia but do not want or are not eligible for Lasik surgery; children from 12 years or older with increasing myopia; or people with myopia for whom LASIK surgery is not recommended due to complications of diabetes, other chronic eye disorders, corneal apex, high degree myopia or a thin cornea.

This method is most effective in people with myopia which is less than six degrees and astigmatism which is less than 1.75 degrees.

Ortho-K reduces myopia by pressing on the cornea, which is often convex in myopic patients, and helps images to correctly converge on the retina. After wearing lenses overnight, the myopic degree will be zero and the patient is able to see well during the following day.

In addition, Ortho-K helps prevent an increase in myopic degree and is very effective in children with a quickly increasing myopic degree. With Ortho-K, you can be confident playing sports, swimming, or participate in parties without any concerns about wearing glasses.

FV Hospital uses rigid Ortho-K contact lenses which meet the standards of American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for safety and effectiveness. They are imported directly from the manufacturer in the USA and specially designed for your eyes.

Experienced ophthalmologists who are certified in Ortho-K practice will offer examinations, measure your myopic degree, order your lenses and provide follow-ups during your treatment.

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