FV Covid-19 Vaccination Programme relies on vaccines supplied by the Department of Health. The programme targets people residing and working in Ho Chi Minh City, with special priority given to patients with chronic conditions, pregnant women and breast feeding women.

To use the service, patients need only to register online via the website and FV will contact the patient to arrange their vaccination schedule according to their request once the hospital receives vaccines from the Department of Health. Through this programme, FV hopes to ensure patients receive COVID-19 vaccines more quickly and conveniently.

Currently, FV Hospital has been implementing the COVID-19 vaccination process, similar to the international standard procedure being applied in the French Republic.

  • Vaccination appointments are arranged by group, within specific time frames to conform to the regulations on social distancing, ensuring safety for those who come to the hospital for injections.
  • Patients will be instructed to self-screen before the injection, then will once again be screened by the nurse again to ensure upmost safety.
  • Finally, patients wait at the post-vaccination area for about 15 minutes, for those who have a history of previous allergies will wait 30 minutes. Following this they are free to go home.

Currently, with this procedure, three nurses and one doctor and administrative support groups, FV is able to perform the vaccinations for 800 people per day. In addition to being quick and convenient, the process is the focus by the Board of Directors to ensure the safety of patients whilst meeting the standard model to meet the huge demand for vaccination.