Professional athletes can receive effective injury treatment in Vietnam

“Professional athletes don’t need to go abroad for treatment for injuries!” affirms Le Trong Phat, MD, PhD, Head of Bone & Joint Centre, FV Hospital. According to Dr Phat, the surgical expertise and comprehensive treatment offered by several hospitals in Vietnam means that sports injuries ranging from mild to complex can be successfully treated. 

Sports injuries: the earlier the treatment, the faster a patient recovers their performance.

N.T.T., a young professional football player in the U19 age group in Hanoi, unfortunately suffered two serious injuries while playing: a torn anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) and a torn ankle ligament. These severe injuries at such a young age have caused concern for the player and his family as they have witnessed many similar cases when athletes had to seek treatment abroad at high costs. T’s father, who is a doctor, researched hospitals nationwide and decided to bring his son for treatment at FV Hospital.

Dr Le Trong Phat advises on the treatment of sports injuries for athletes. 

Le Trong Phat, MD, PhD, Head of Bone & Joint Centre at FV Hospital, stated that the patient was admitted with a torn anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) and torn ankle ligaments. This is a serious issue for football players, as delayed treatment can lead to long-term complications and difficulties in recovering performance.

After conducting thorough clinical assessments, Mr T. underwent surgery to reconstruct the torn ACL. Thanks to prompt appropriate treatment and careful monitoring by the doctor, Mr T. fully recovered and returned to the field, continuing their professional football career.

According to Dr Phat, sports injuries are truly a “nightmare” for professional athletes. They not only affect their health and performance but also pose the risk of ending their careers while they are at the peak of their success. This greatly impacts the psyche of athletes, especially when they are still young. Therefore, early recognition of the severity of the injury to implement appropriate and timely treatment plans, along with maintaining training, helps athletes regain better performance. The good news is that these injuries can now be effectively addressed by domestic hospitals.

“In reality, many people in the sports field lack confidence in the capabilities of Vietnam’s medical sector and so injured athletes are often sent abroad for expensive care. However, when you review the facilities, equipment, and expertise of our medical professionals, our healthcare system is fully capable of successfully treating serious injuries at a much lower cost,” shares Dr Phat.

Effective treatment of sports injuries requires comprehensive coordination.

Athletes can quickly resolve minor injuries such as muscle strain, cramps, and sprains and return to competition. However, severe or serious injuries such as bone fractures, ligament tears, and muscle tears may require several months of treatment and rehabilitation before athletes recover. It is particularly important for patients to cease physical activity when an injury occurs to prevent further complications.

At FV Hospital, doctors are able to treat common sports injuries such as bone fractures, ligament tears, soft tissue damage, and muscle strains. If surgery is indicated, patients will meet with an anaesthesiologist to assess their health condition and undergo physical therapy to prepare for the post-operative recovery process. In cases where immediate surgery is not possible, patients will undergo therapy to prevent muscle atrophy, joint stiffness, and to promote walking and reduce swelling and pain caused by the injury. Following the sports injury surgery, the doctors at FV Hospital will create a physical therapy and functional rehabilitation plan for the patient.

Sharing more about the treatment process at FV Hospital, Dr Phat states, “When patients are scheduled for surgery, doctors will be there to guide them through gentle exercises in the first couple of days, while also stabilising their mental state. After surgery, patients will spend six to eight weeks in functional recovery at FV’s physical therapy department. Six months later, they will be able to return to their normal performance level and participate in sports.”

The treatment of sports injuries at FV Hospital has notable advantages, including evidence-based medical treatment and aseptic surgical conditions, which eliminate concerns about postoperative infections. This is crucial for the training and recovery process after surgery.

Operating rooms at FV Hospital are equipped with modern facilities and meet JCI standards. 

The talented surgical team at FV Hospital is led by Dr Le Trong Phat, a doctorate holder with 30 years of experience in orthopaedic trauma surgery and treatment for tens of thousands of cases resulting from work accidents, traffic accidents, and sports injuries. What sets FV apart and gives patients peace of mind in choosing sports injury treatment here is that the operating surgeon will personally oversee the patient’s entire journey, from initial examination to regular check-ups, monitoring the patient’s progress and providing timely advice until the patient recovers.

Athletes are recommended to undergo health screening and functional recovery at ACC Chiropractic Clinic (A member of FV Hospital Group). 

In response to the demand for healthcare services for professional athletes and sports enthusiasts in general, FV Hospital recently established the FV Sport Medicine Unit in collaboration with the ACC Chiropractic Clinic and UpFit premium personal coaching service. FV Sport Medicine Unit consists of a team of experts who evaluate, advise, and care for active individuals at all levels. They provide services for people of all ages who have a passion for sports, want to start training, undergo physical fitness assessments, improve performance, or seek advice on sports injury prevention. The Sports Medicine Unit is staffed by specialists who treat all types of sports injuries and provide customised functional recovery programmes. In practice, many patients are referred to the ACC Chiropractic Clinic for physical therapy and functional recovery guidance after undergoing surgical treatment at FV Hospital. This enables them to quickly return to training and competition.

For more information about sports injury treatment and services at the FV Sport Medicine Unit, please contact: (028) 54 11 33 33.