Providing Hope and Essential Care at Hy Vong Cancer Care Centre FV Hospital

With the most advanced medical technology and equipment, coupled with its dedicated team of experienced doctors and nurses, for more than 15 years, FV Hospital’s Hy Vong Cancer Care Centre has been providing essential care and support for both patients and their relatives.


Five years ago, Mr N.T.N., a 56 year old patient from HCMC, found that he was suffering from nasopharyngeal cancer. He sought advice from numerous domestic and foreign hospitals so he could find the most effective treatment plan for his condition. After considering a number of factors, such as time away from his family and the ability to handle his job during his treatment, Mr N.T.N. decided to put his trust in the Hy Vong Cancer Care Centre at FV Hospital.

Following two months of treatment, the radiotherapy procedures Mr N.T.N. underwent at FV helped to both control his nasopharyngeal tumour as well as preserve his healthy tissue, with reduced side effects. During this period, throughout the treatment process until now, he continues to live and work normally.

Advanced VMAT digital dose modulation radiotherapy technology shortens radiation therapy time, preserves healthy tissue, and reduces side effects

Since 2018, Hy Vong Cancer Care Centre has invested over 120 billion VND in the upgrading of its facilities. This includes its radiotherapy system, now with VMAT digital dose modulation technology, as well as its CT stimulating imaging technology, which are considered a key duo of leading modern methods in cancer treatment. Such approaches provide a higher therapeutic effect, shorten the time of radiation, reduce damage to healthy tissues surrounding the tumour, reduce side effects during treatment, and increase the rate of treatment success by double.


Cancer is a complex disease, with many problems and issues arising which the medical community constantly learn to fight. Through investing in technology, widely applying treatment methods, and FV’s team of professional experienced staff, Hy Vong Cancer Care Centre can ensure, all in one place, that cancer patients can receive the treatment they need.

Similar to the world’s leading cancer treatment centres, Hy Vong Cancer Care Centre applies a multidisciplinary medical consultation for each case with the participation of FV Hospital’s oncologists, as well as internal medicine, surgical, and diagnostic imaging specialists, among others.

Discussions between colleagues from related departments help doctors to have a more thorough, multi-dimensional view of each case. Each treatment regimen is devised by many experts during the consultation. This not only ensures the treatment’s effectiveness, but also enhances the conservation, reducing any side effects.

Discussions between colleagues from related departments help doctors to have a more thorough, multi-dimensional view of each case

Dr Basma M’Barek, Head of Hy Vong Cancer Care Centre shared, “Success in cancer treatment will not be complete if the patient has to live with a defect to their body, such as losing one side of their chest, a segment of their larynx, or having to carry a colostomy bag.”

With over 20 years of experience, Dr Basma believes that the treatment of tumours is not the only issue to consider, but also the quality of life for the patient after treatment. With that same philosophy, FV’s Hy Vong Centre always considers the safeguarding of a patient’s body’s health in the process of treatment as much as treating the disease.


Mrs N. Lan, a 53 year old former patient from Ho Chi Minh City, has never forgotten the moments, during the toughest times in her battle with adrenal cancer, when Dr Basma M’Barek was there, holding her hand and giving her support. “When I saw how Dr Basma helped and encouraged patients every day, I did not allow myself to give up,” shared Lan. Noticing those tough moments, and  providing that essential encouragement, can be critical in keeping patients positive in their fight against cancer.

Doctors devote considerable time to each patient to discuss and explain in detail their specific treatment plan

At Hy Vong Cancer Care Centre, doctors devote considerable time to each patient to discuss and explain in detail their specific treatment plan. In addition, the team of medical secretaries and social workers are on hand to promptly support relatives and patients in finding accommodation as well as in the organizing of financial plans, where long-term treatment is necessary.

In addition to the physical ordeal, cancer understandably has a huge impact on a patient’s mental health. Optimism and remaining hopeful play significant roles in the journey of fighting this disease. As a result, Hy Vong Centre dedicates resources and time to not just provide physical support, but mental care as well. Such support helps motivate patients and their family members to keep fighting to overcome the condition.

FV Hospital’s Hy Vong Cancer Care Centre provides the most modern and advanced diagnosis and treatment services.

Together with its comprehensive professional cooperation with India’s largest HCG specialised cancer treatment system, FV’s Hy Vong Cancer Care Centre has become one of the leading modern cancer care centres in Vietnam and South East Asia.

To make an appointment for cancer consultation and treatment at Hy Vong Cancer Care Centre, FV Hospital, please contact the centre’s hotline on: (028) 5411 3440 or (028) 5411 3333

Working Hours: Monday – Friday: 8:00 – 17:00 and Saturday: 8:00 – 12:00

Address: 6 Nguyen Luong Bang, Phu My Hung, District 7, Ho Chi Minh City