Receiving the award from FV’s survey programme, what did the customer say?

As usual, FV Hospital quarterly conducts a lucky draw as sending a massive “thank you” to customers for giving their comments via the survey programme. The lucky winner of the award in the 4th quarter of 2019 received a 15 million VND voucher for an electronics store, Congratulations to our Indian customer, Mr. Pankaj Sharma.

Mr. Pankaj engaged in the general health check-up programme in FV Hospital at his company’s request. Although the medical examination was short, FV Hospital made a deep impression on him. First, staffs communicate in English very well so he could understand all the information. Second, he was instructed and supported dedicatedly through all the process as well as moving among the departments during the examination and the last thing which is his favourite is that the hospital give back the results punctually. He said: “I like the environment in FV Hospital. I will introduce to my friends who have demands because the hospital here provides health check-up and treatment in different specialities”

This is the first time Mr Pankaj has won a lucky draw so he was very surprised. He excitedly shared the experience with his wife and gave this award to her as a gift to buy electrical equipment for the kitchen and some electronic devices for their children. Representative of Guest Relations Department, Ms. Phan Hai Yen, awarded and congratulated Mr. Pankaj.

The hospital quality assurance programme survey is conducted quarterly by FV Hospital and Cimigo organization to help FV improve the quality of services. Thank you and customers for participating in the survey and giving your comments. Congratulations to Mr. Pankaj once again to be lucky enough to win the award on the threshold of the new year.

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