Scam Notice – Recruitment Information of FV Hospital

Dear patients and customers,

Far East Medical Vietnam Limited (owner of FV Hospital) would like to inform you that there are currently fraudulent messages using our name for personal gain. Specifically:

  • There are organisations or individuals falsely claiming to be Far East Medical Vietnam Limited and FV Hospital, sending emails to candidates inviting them to interviews for various positions, from pharmacists to accountants, using the email address:
  • In the invitation letters, these organisations/ individuals use the full name of Far East Medical Vietnam Limited and FV Hospital; a fake seal with our company information; our company’s tax code and even forge the signature and title of our Human Resources Director, Mrs Phan Dieu Ha.
  • After contacting the candidates, these organisations/ individuals send links to the candidates to provide some information about FV Hospital, and request personal information. Specifically, they request candidates deposit money into bank accounts of individuals impersonating FV Hospital HR staff.

Far East Medical Vietnam Limited and FV Hospital affirm that:

  • Currently, we are not conducting recruitment in the manners described above.
  • Such impersonation is a serious legal violation, affecting the reputation and legitimate interests of Far East Medical Vietnam Limited and FV Hospital.
  • We only use one email domain:

To protect you, please note:

  • FV Hospital’s recruitment information is posted on the official FV Hospital website:; and our official social media pages.
  • Be cautious of information posted on social media, especially those requesting tasks and asking for money transfers to any organisation or individual.
  • Do not provide personal information or conduct financial transactions with any individual or organisation impersonating FV Hospital.

FV Hospital is cooperating with relevant authorities to address these scam activities. We also hope for your support by:

  • Reporting any scam information about FV Hospital to the authorities and to us at Email:
  • Share official information from our website and social media to raise community awareness.

FV Hospital sincerely thank you for your trust and cooperation.


FV Hospital Board of Directors

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