Singapore eye specialists treat vitreo-retinal diseases august 25-26, 2016

On August 25-26, 2016 Dr. Laurence Lim and Dr. Lee Shu Yen from the Singapore National Eye Centre (SNEC) will provide examination and treatment for patients affected with vitreo-retinal diseases at FV Hospital’s Ophthalmology Department.

Treatment will be available for problems such as retinal trauma, myopic retinopathy, diabetic retinopathy, retinopathy of prematurity, macular degeneration, cloudy vitreous humour, proliferative retinopathy, vitreous syneresis, and vitreous hemorrhage.


Eye doctors say vitreo-retinal diseases often lead to rapid vision loss and can easily cause blindness. Therefore, early intervention and treatment is important in restoring vision, as well as reducing costs and complications.

Retinal tears with minimal or no detachment are treated by burning spots around the tears with a laser to seal the wounds and prevent a retinal detachment. Complete retinal detachments require surgery to help seal the retina in its normal position. The patient’s vision will be improved after surgery. People at high risk of vitreo-retinal diseases, such as those affected with diabetes, myopia or premature births, should undertake periodic eye examinations so that problems can be detected and treated as early as possible.

If you or your loved ones are affected by or are at high risk of these diseases, make an appointment to see Dr. Laurence Lim and Dr. Lee Shu Yen by calling FV Hospital’s Ophthalmology Department on (08) 54 11 34 36 or (08) 54 11 33 33, ext 2000, or make an appointment online.

Dr. Laurence Lim
Dr. Laurence Lim is a consultant at SNEC’s Vitreo-Retinal Department. He is highly skilled in medical and surgical management of retinal diseases, cataract surgery and general ophthalmology. In addition to offering examination and treatment to patients, Dr. Laurence undertakes research into eye diseases and is a regular speaker at various regional and international meetings.

Dr. Lee Shu Yen
Dr. Lee Shu Yen is a senior consultant at SNEC’s Vitreo-Retinal Department. She is also Director, Undergraduate Education, Academic Clinical Program for Ophthalmology, SingHealth / Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School. Dr. Lee’s research interests are in retinal detachment, diabetic retinopathy, retinal complications of myopia, gene therapy for retinal disorders.


After patients get examination from SNEC doctors, FV Hospital will support patients requiring more intensive treatment or surgery to undergo treatment in Singapore under the partnership programme between FV Hospital and SNEC. Thanks to it, the patients can save around 30 per cent of the cost of seeking treatment abroad independently.

Following treatment in Singapore, monitoring and follow-up care will be continued at FV’s Ophthalmology Department.

Over the years, this partnership programme has helped many patients affected with vitreo-retinal diseases in Vietnam receive successful surgery and treatment.

The partnership between FV Hospital and SNEC began in 2006. The purpose of this programme is to improve the treatment of eye diseases for patients in Vietnam. Each year, SNEC sends ophthalmic specialists to visit FV Hospital in order to provide examination and treatment for patients. In addition to providing care upon request, FV and SNEC also co-organise charity programmes to offer examination, treatment and perform surgery for impoverished patients in Vietnam.

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