One of the most common signals of old age is skin aging, such as wrinkles, loss of elasticity or sagging. For years, people have always found ways to keep the appearance of youth using cosmetics and pharmaceutical products. However, if all of these substances are not effective, is there any safe way to keep a youthful appearance? The answer is yes. According to Doctor Vinh Lam Vien from FV Lifestyle Clinic, FV Hospital, non-invasive aesthetic methods are the modern trend to rejuvenate skin, turning the clock back ten years, without the need to use a scalpel or anaesthesia. Whether the procedure is simple or complicated, patients should make sure they visit prestigious health facilities to undergo any procedures. If not, patients may suffer from serious complications due to infections, obstruction in the blood vessels, skin tissue death (necrosis), among others.

Doctor Vinh Lam Vien – FV Lifestyle Clinic, FV Hospital

Strengths and weaknesses of non-invasive methods for skin rejuvenation

Nowadays, there are five popular non-invasive methods for skin rejuvenation: Botox, filler, laser, thread implant and stem cells. Depending on the levels and areas of aging, doctors will offer consultations for patients to choose one or several of the above methods to achieve the best results. This is because each technology has its own strengths and weaknesses and a consultation is the best means to learn the most suitable treatment method.

Botox is a substance to anaesthetize muscles and help to prevent them from becoming wrinkled. The substance is suitable for skin rejuvenation on the face, especially crow’s feet around the eyes, folds between the eyes, eyebrows, and the wrinkles on the forehead. When a Botox injection is performed by well-trained experts, it can bring great results, creating beautiful lines on the face. However, if the Botox procedure is performed incorrectly, the face will become stiff.

Filler is useful in filling in wrinkles or uneven areas. This is achieved through a filler injection which plumps the skin, keeps water in to increase elasticity, and then rapidly tightens the skin after, which ensures no swelling is caused. Filler can be injected into many areas such as the face, neck, breast, abdomen, among others.  Filler injection requires skilful doctors, and qualified filler from well-known sources. Suitable filler will be used for each different area to restrict possible complications.

Laser is considered as a perfect breakthrough in skin care and can treat many different symptoms in the skin at the same time. This procedure uses wavelength energy to screen from the outside. The machine has a number of types of frequency to activate tightening inside the muscles. It is painless and causes less complications. The laser rays can stimulate proliferation of blood circulation to generate new skin cells and ensure healthy skin. When having laser treatment,  a suitable wavelength should be implemented to avoid unexpected side-effects such as skin sloughing, skin thinning, dermatitis, etc.

The thread implanting method will help to stimulate collagen under the skin to rejuvenate it. There are two kinds of thread to implant,  thorny deep thread and shallow thread. At FV, doctors prefer to use shallow thread to avoid making uneven skin and create a better effect of the face lift. However, all types of thread will eventually disintegrate and not have an everlasting effect. Older people with slack skin (4th level of aging) or diabetic patients cannot use thread for skin rejuvenation.

Skin rejuvenation with thread implanting method

Stem cells have two types, platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and autotelic stem cells. Directly injecting stem cells into aging skin and wrinkled areas helps to lift skin and rejuvenate it from the inside to have a long-term effect. However, taking stem cells is very painful, especially in the spinal cord, so it can develop into malignant diseases if it is not controlled. It should be absolutely aseptic to avoid infection and ensure safety for patients. A breakthrough in aesthetics is using fresh cells and small molecules therapy to rejuvenate skin and regain the youthful appearance for men and women.

What should be noted before having skin rejuvenation?

People who have cardiovascular diseases, renal diseases, diabetes, blood pressure diseases, coagulopathy, drug allergy, etc. should clearly consult with their doctors before performing skin rejuvenation to avoid unfortunate complications and accidents. A further warning is that types of thread, filler or Botox will disintegrate or disappear from the body after one to two years. Therefore, it is necessary to ask for advice from doctors to have a precise plan about therapies and expenses if patients want to rejuvenate their skin. With non-invasive methods for skin rejuvenation, patients can perform usual activities, eat and drink normally, and do not need to abstain from anything specifically after the procedure.

At FV Lifestyle Clinic, doctors will apply laser technology, Botox, filler injection, and thread implants through a modern approach to help patients turn back the clock by ten years within just one hour. Such a procedure restricts swelling and bruising and has hardly any side-effects.

FV Lifestyle Clinic, directly under FV Hospital with the collaboration of Dr Vinh Lam Vien and experienced aesthetic doctors, will offer patients consultations to choose beautifying methods suitable for every line in the body and help them to have natural and perfect beauty for themselves.

With the precept “It’s you but more beautiful”, FV Lifestyle affirms our prestige through successful cases of plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery which require caution and high qualification. These include; liposuction, breast augmentation, creating body lines, Botox or filler injection, etc. In addition, FV Lifestyle has exclusive technology with top products which have international prestigious accreditation (US FDA, CE marking, etc.)

The most outstanding feature of FV Lifestyle Clinic is that effective pain management during and after surgery is applied to not only liposuction but also other aesthetic services (breast augmentation, nose lift, sagging muscles lift, body rejuvenation, etc.). Moreover, FV’s doctors, with their extensive experience, respect the particular beauty of each customer, and seriously obey the safety processes, following JCI international standards. Such an approach ensures FV Lifestyle provides the upmost safety and comfort for all its customers.

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Source: Harper’s Bazaar Vietnam

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