Stephane Laporte returns to FV Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation Department

From December 2021, French Osteopath Stephane Laporte will return to FV and continue working at the Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation Department, FV Hospital after a temporary absence. Stephane Laporte graduated as an Osteopath, from National University of Medical Sciences, Madrid, Spain, and is a member of the International Osteopathic Association. With over 15 years specialising in athletic coaching, Stephane has extensive experience in sports physiotherapy and osteopathy. Stephane specialises in musculoskeletal disorders, sports injuries, back or joint pain as well as other ergonomics disorders. He can communicate excellently in French or English.

He is a specialised expert in pain regulation and control, musculoskeletal disorders, sports injuries, sports and conditioning programmes, and ergonomics. Stephane said osteopathy not only focuses on the position where the symptoms appear but also on other relevant internal organs in the cavity or thorax. These organ positions can release the indirect pressure on the spine which helps reduce back pain. Internal organs disorders are often overlooked in back and neck pain treatment. However, healthy internal organs and sometimes also related to emotional conditions play an important role in determining musculoskeletal health. Osteopathy is conducted mainly by techniques to mobilise and adjust joint muscles, body fluids such as lymphatic, help balance body parts and treat pain.

When performing the technique, the specialist uses his hands to create pressure in the required positions. As a result, the patient will feel comfortable, released, or ease movement. A treatment session is from 30 to 40 minutes. According to the health status; patients need 1 to 3 sessions to feel its effectiveness. Patients should wear comfortable clothes to help the treatment easier.

The osteopathic service at FV operate with the principle of one patient – one specialist, treatment is delivered by hand and is painless, comfortable, and effective. This method is also combined with other rehabilitation techniques such as physical therapy, traditional medicine including acupuncture to help patients recover quickly, safely, and effectively. Specific treatment plans are designed based on the medical conditions and the personal circumstances of each patient, to help them recover quickly and effectively. This method of osteopathy where its combined with physical therapy means the treatment effectiveness will be maximised, and is especially effective for conditions such as; disc herniation, back pain, neck pain, spinal degeneration, rehabilitation after surgery, rehabilitation of knee joints after surgery, general rehabilitation for patients with stroke, shoulder pain, hand pain…