Accidents at cosmetic centres that fail to meet safety criteria have caused many unfortunate incidents, and in some cases, even claimed lives. Recently, a woman from Ca Mau province lost her life during a breast augmentation procedure at a hotel in District 10, Ho Chi Minh City. Underground cosmetic services continue to proliferate, disregarding the consequences of dangerous practice.

In conversation, Dr Tran Anh Tan, FV Lifestyle Clinic, FV Hospital, shares that many customers perceive cosmetic procedures as relatively simple and, influenced by social media, neglect to carefully select the provider of their cosmetic surgeries with devastating consequences. Choosing a cosmetic facility should be treated with the same degree of precaution as selecting a medical facility as both have the same degree of impact on the body and a person’s health. Prioritising safety criteria is essential.

Hello, Dr Tran Anh Tan! What is your opinion on the increasingly common and alarming phenomenon of cosmetic surgery accidents?

In my point of view, the cosmetic industry, not only in Vietnam but also in more developed countries like South Korea and China, is currently in a chaotic state. This field involves both professional expertise and economic interests. Cosmetic accidents happen because some doctors do not adhere to proper professional standards, and there are cases where individuals outside the medical field, such as untrained spa personnel, attempt to perform cosmetic procedures for customers.

Dr Tran Anh Tan, FV Lifestyle Clinic, FV Hospital

Some cosmetic centres are established without skilled doctors and lack proper licensing, yet they still attract customers due to inflated advertising and unusually low prices.

Could the behaviour of selecting places for cosmetic procedures based on social media also be a reason why customers take risks with their health and beauty?

Many customers have a desire to pursue beauty treatments but lack access to trustworthy sources of information. They easily believe misleading videos posted on social media and exaggerated advertising claims and are persuaded by false promises. Additionally, the allure of low prices is particularly compelling for a particular group of customers that seeks “cheap and good” services, choosing cosmetic surgery procedures at unlicensed spas, performed by untrained doctors, and in facilities that do not meet the required standards. As a result, the likelihood of complications is high.

Once complications occur, they are no longer just customers but patients who need to seek treatment for these complications. In such cases, the chances of full recovery are very slim. Furthermore, some complications can impact the body’s functions, which means that besides treating the complications, functional restoration for the patients is also required.

Many people think that eyelid surgery, lip injections, and rhinoplasty are simple procedures that do not require going to a hospital. What do you, as a doctor, think about this belief?

Minor surgeries can indeed be performed in specialised cosmetic surgery clinics. However, those places must be licensed by the Department of Health or the Department of Medical Services Administration, have approved lists of techniques, and the surgeries must be carried out by doctors certified in cosmetic surgery. Although a surgery may be considered simple, it still requires specialised medical skills. Customers should always thoroughly research a doctor’s qualifications and experience.

Major surgeries that require anaesthesia, such as liposuction for abdominal sculpting, rhinoplasty, facelifts, and breast augmentation, must be performed in a hospital due to the need for a competent anaesthesiologist and strict aseptic precautions.

Accidents during major surgeries can be very difficult to correct and may have long-term impacts on the patient’s health and mental wellbeing. At FV Hospital, we have two strengths: Firstly, we have highly skilled and experienced doctors. Secondly, the hospital is equipped with a full range of specialties, allowing for timely consultation when needed. FV’s modern facility and operation rooms meet JCI international healthcare standards and we have the ability to perform cosmetic surgeries and provide excellent treatment for patients with cosmetic procedure complications.

FV Lifestyle Clinic is fully equipped with modern machinery for beauty treatments.

What advice do you have for people who want to enhance their beauty?

My advice to clients who wish to undergo cosmetic procedures is to carefully select the cosmetic centre that they will be entrusting with their health and beauty. They should thoroughly research the centre’s licenses, machinery, equipment, and the skills of its doctors. When considering any cosmetic enhancements for any part of the body, it’s important to seek knowledge about beauty technologies and methods from reliable sources, such as health sections in reputable newspapers and information from hospitals and healthcare facilities.

In cases of cosmetic procedures that require surgery, it’s crucial to choose cosmetic centres affiliated with a hospital staffed by specialist doctors and equipped with sterile operating rooms and excellent postoperative care services to minimise the risk of infection and complications after surgery.

Thank you, doctor!

Dr Tran Anh Tan, Specialist Level II, has 17 years of experience in the field of plastic and aesthetic surgery. His practice focuses on eyelid, nose, face, breast and abdominal shaping; body contouring through liposuction; and wound care and revision of scars, especially those caused by burns and or created during surgery.

Dr Anh Tan applies biometric indices to ensure medical standards and achieve balanced proportions in the body. Due to his extensive experience, Dr Tan is well-equipped to handle cases related to cosmetic surgery accidents.

For consultations on cosmetic surgery at FV Lifestyle Clinic, please contact: (028) 5411 3333, ext. 7000.

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