The FV 11th Blood Donation Programme – Giving Hope for the Upcoming TET

On the morning of 26th January 26 at FV Hospital, the 11th “Give Blood – Give Hope” programme attracted the enthusiastic participation of 148 volunteers. With the background of the upcoming Tet season, the positive and cheerful atmosphere made the event warmer.

A large number of volunteers waited since early morning, ready to participate in the 11th blood donation programme

This round had only one delayed case, resulting in a total of 147 participants, each contributing a 350 ml of blood. This is a valuable source of supply that will support blood banks in Ho Chi Minh City, as well as neighbouring localities in 2024.

Many people participated in blood donation even though the busyness before Tet, the rush to work at the beginning of the new year, will probably reduce the number of volunteers this year. However, reality has proven otherwise. In addition, there was also a comment: “I’m busy preparing for the family before Tet, so I think there will be fewer people donating blood, so I even want to contribute more,” a happy donor said.

Mr Ho Nhat Nam, a ‘loyal’ volunteer of FV’s ‘Give Blood – Give Hope’ programme for the past 5 years.

The early spring atmosphere brought more comfort for FV staff to participate in social activities. Many departments, especially medical staff, have been active in “mobilising” forces in departments to participate in this annual meaningful programme.

Not only nurses, technicians,… but also doctors proactively arrange their busy work schedules to participate in meaningful hospital activities.

The 11th “Give Blood – Give Hope” is not only a useful event for the community but also an opportunity for people to connect, meet up and spread joy, especially before the lunar new year. Throughout the event, volunteers created an atmosphere full of vitality, bringing hope to many patients in need of help.

Fulfilled happiness when bringing joy to communities in need, at the beginning of the new year

FV Hospital, one of the leading medical facilities in Vietnam, not only prioritises the quality of healthcare services but also actively contributes to social activities, that enhance the overall quality of the community. The program “Give blood – Give hope” is one of the unique activities, where volunteers including patients, staff and family can contribute with their willingness to share.

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