The Quality Service Awards Survey Lucky Draw in Q4/2022

The award from the FV Hospital Quality Service Survey has found the final lucky patient for  2022. Ms Nguyen Que Anh (34 years old, HCMC) received the lucky draw at the Guest Relations Department, in the close days to the Lunar New Year.

Ms Que Anh shared that she had never received a gift in any lucky draw before. “When I received the gift from the programme of FV Hospital, I was so surprised”, she added. The gift not only brought joy to Que Anh, but also brought satisfaction to the FV customer service team.

It can be said that Ms Que Anh is a relatively new customer at FV, since she chose FV as the place to give birth and have health check-ups for nearly 3 years. Since then, FV has left her with good impressions in terms of expertise and other follow-up services. She said: “The most interesting thing is that I no longer feel afraid of the hospital when I come to FV, everything here is friendly.” With her satisfaction, Ms Que Anh has also introduced many friends to FV, and chose FV as the provider to take care of her family’s health.

The surprising lucky reward came on the eve of the new year, and also right at the time for the occasion of Ms Que Anh’s renovation of her new house. We hope the double joy will bring more success and health to you and your family in 2023. Once again, FV Hospital would like to congratulate Ms Nguyen Que Anh, and thank her and her family for your trust and support FV.

The FV Hospital Quality Service Survey is held quarterly with the support from Cimigo. The programme aims to help FV Group receive reviews from our patients. Thereby, FV can improve services and bring a better experience to patients during their treatment. After each quarter, FV relies on this survey and data to set up a lucky draw. The reward voucher worth 15 million VND is always a surprise gift for the lucky patient.