Treatment for corneal conditions with an eye specialist from Singapore

In two days 2nd and 3rd of November 2015, Dr. Marcus Ang, Senior Consultant from Singapore National Eye Centre (SNEC), will be offering examination and consultation services to patients at FV Hospital’s Ophthalmology & Refractive Surgery Department.

This is an opportunity for patients with severe vision deterioration caused by scars from corneal injuries, corneal ulcers, keratoconus, Congenital hereditary corneal dystrophy (CHED); complications after cataract surgery and Lasik surgery … to receive examination and treatment services from leading specialist from Singapore.

Dr. Marcus Ang is a senior surgeon at Singapore National Eye Centre (SNEC), he is concurrently a lecturer at Young Loo Lin Medical School, National University of Singapore. Besides, Dr.Marcus Ang is also a member of the Singapore Society of Ophthalmology and Singapore Medical Association. He has been a devoting volunteer for medical NGOs headquartered in Singapore and neighbourhood developing countries.

To make an appointment, please contact: (08) 54 11 34 36 or (08) 54 11 33 33, ext 2000, or through online registration channel.


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