Treatment for vascular conditions with a European leading specialist

From 3rd July to 23th July 2015, Prof. Jean-Baptiste Ricco, FV Hospital’s Head of Vascular Surgery, is providing consultations and treatments to patients affected with the following conditions:

  • Arterial occlusion of the lower extremities: This condition refers to intermittent claudication, i.e. a blockage in the arteries of the leg which causes pain when walking a short distance, is relieved by resting for a few minutes and then recurs when walking is continued. In its later stages, patients’ lower limbs suffer from persistent and continuous pain which isn’t relieved at rest; ultimately the condition can lead to the failure of healing and the black discoloration of toes (gangrene).
  • External cranial carotid artery stenosis: This condition refers to a sudden lack of blood supply to the brain with symptoms such as sudden weakness or numbness on one side of the body; sudden loss of sight in one eye; sudden confusion, trouble speaking or understanding speech but full recovery after several minutes or within a day; a mild stroke causing body weakness or paralysis followed by partial recovery
  • Thoracic & abdominal aortic aneurysm
  • Diabetic foot ulcers

If you or one of your family members is suffering from any of the conditions above, please call (08) 54 11 33 33 or book  appointment online to receive treatment directly from Prof. Jean-Baptiste Ricco

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