Two Cutting-Edge Medical Technical Reports Earn Excellence Awards from FV Hospital

The 11th Vietnam Association of Radiological Technologists Conference (VART 2023) was held on October 20th and 21st at the University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Hanoi. Participating in the conference, FV Hospital presented two reports on nuclear medicine and radiation therapy, both of which were recognised with Outstanding Presenter Awards.

This is the second time this annual event has been independently hosted, following nine previous editions under the comprehensive sponsorship of the Vietnam Association Of Radiological Technologists. The conference gathered numerous experts in the field of diagnostic imaging, nuclear medicine, and cancer radiotherapy, along with thousands of in-person attendees and online participants.

The conference included a total of nine sessions in with 52 scientific reports covering various medical imaging technologies (MRI, CT Scan, X-ray, DSA), radiation therapy techniques, and nuclear medicine. Additionally, a session dedicated to students featured 15 scientific reports.

In his report titled “Imaging Techniques with 99mtc-hmdp Bone Tracer in Diagnosing Restrictive Cardiac Amyloidosis,” Mr Nguyen Chi Tam (Nuclear Medicine Department – FV Hospital) elaborated on the imaging procedures being utilised at FV Hospital in diagnosing cardiac amyloidosis, commonly known as cardiac amyloidosis. This is a rare and potentially hazardous condition, partly due to being underdiagnosed.

“Through cardiac imaging techniques, over the past two years, we have identified more than 20 cases of this condition at FV,” states Mr Tam.

Mr Nguyen Chi Tam, Nuclear Medicine Department, FV Hospital (centre), receives an Outstanding Presenter certificate.

Mr Chi Tam’s report garnered considerable attention from physicians and experts due to this method’s high sensitivity (over 85%) and specificity (99%) in distinguishing between AL and ATTR (the two main causes of amyloidosis). It is also low cost, simple to perform, and non-invasive, and could be considered an effective alternative to the “gold standard” cardiac biopsy, in diagnosing amyloidosis. However, this imaging field remains relatively under-invested, despite the tangible benefits it provides to patients.

In another session, Ms Nguyen Thi Ngoc Kieu (Hy Vong Cancer Care Centre, FV Hospital) shared her report on “The Experience of Radiation Therapy Technicians in Total Body Irradiation (TBI) based on VMAT Technique,” which also received significant attention. TBI is a sophisticated radiation therapy technique which is challenging to implement and not widely used in Vietnam. It’s indicated for treating malignant haematological diseases or preparing patients before bone marrow transplantation.

“This technique has been implemented at FV and has proven to bring many benefits to patients, increasing the chance of successfully treating malignant haematologic diseases,” shares Ms Kieu.

Ms Nguyen Thi Ngoc Kieu, Hy Vong Cancer Care Centre, FV Hospital, receives an outstanding presenter certificate.

Ms Kieu’s report focused on detailing the patient preparation process and outlined a detailed treatment plan, highlighting challenges (TBI requires significant time and manpower to implement), as well as the risks involved in the process. Her presentation attracted much attention because it was based on practical experience in treating the first TBI cases in Vietnam, conducted at the Hy Vong Cancer Care Centre.

During the conference, Pham Minh Thong, MD, PhD, President of the Vietnam Association Of Radiological Technologists, and Le Ngoc Thanh, MD, PhD, Principal of the University of Medicine, National University of Hanoi, both praised the quality, significance, and importance of the conference. They also congratulated the strong development of the Vietnam Society of Radiology and Nuclear Medicine after 10 years of growth.

Mr Phang Duc Tin (Head of Therapeutic Radiography, Radiotherapy Department, FV Hospital), a member of the Executive Board of the Vietnam Association Of Radiological Technologist, shared, “These conferences are opportunities for colleagues to gather and share experiences and knowledge in their hospital practices. This helps improve technical expertise and enhances the standing of this field.” Therefore, for many years, Mr Tin has encouraged and supported colleagues in FV Hospital’s Imaging and Nuclear Medicine Department to participate and present at specialised scientific conferences, aiming to share experiences in new diagnostic and treatment techniques that FV has been successful in establishing.

In addition to investing in state-of-the-art equipment, FV Hospital particularly emphasises the consistent development of clinical and paraclinical expertise. The two outstanding reports by Mr Nguyen Chi Tam and Ms Nguyen Thi Ngoc Kieu demonstrates FV’s commitment to comprehensive development, optimising treatment strategies and delivering more positive outcomes for patients.

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