What are the conditions for international surgeons to come to Vietnam?

To make it happen, the hospital needs to meet the requirements from facilities to staff capacity

Dr Stéphane Guero, hand surgery specialist, examining patient with rare hand deformities at FV Hospital in May 2022

Nearly 20 years of establishment and development, FV Hospital has invited many world-class experts and doctors to Vietnam to treat difficult and rare cases. 

Surgical conditions and patient care meet international standards

After two years of delay due to the pandemic, from mid-2022, international experts have returned to FV Hospital for treatment cooperation, including French doctor Stéphane Guero – hand surgery expert, who has returned to Vietnam and performed 21 operations to correct rare hand deformities for adult and pediatric patients. This is his 23rd surgical program at FV Hospital in more than 10 years of cooperation.

According to Dr. Guero, FV has the facilities and a team of qualified professionals who can communicate during the work process that he could trust during performing his surgeries.

At the same time, corneal transplant specialist Prof. Donald Tan from Singapore has visited and examined nearly 100 cases of corneal conditions, and performed corneal transplant for 7 urgent priority cases at FV Hospital. Before that, there were working trips of doctors such as Assoc. Prof. Mahendran Nadarajah, a neurosurgeon specialist, and Prof. McKay McKinnon, who performed surgery for rare cases such as 90kg giant leg tumor surgery, a tumor on the tip of the tongue for a 26-year-old girl, etc.

Prof. Donald Tan said the reason he believed in choosing and cooperating with FV for a long time to perform corneal transplant surgery was because the hospital met international standards for patient safety, including international standards regarding infection control, operating room management procedures, post-operative care procedures, helping to ensure the quality of corneal transplant surgeries, effective vision recovery for patients. Especially, the surgery team are all well trained.

Prof. McKay McKinnon – the world’s leading expert in complex tumor surgery and cranioplasty – once shared that when he chose to work at FV hospital as he could be ensured about the operating theatre standards.

Prof. Donald Tan (right) in the Operating Theatre at FV Hospital in May 2022

Mr. Pascal Villoing – the OT – CSSD – Dayward Manager of FV Hospital – said that at FV, besides the arrangement of qualified staff, the control of the working process, the coordination of surgical programs and classification is reasonable, the communication skill, the way of working and the working process at FV is almost the same as that of European and American hospitals.

All things related to surgical machines, equipment, and facilities are properly arranged to be used at the right place and at the right time. Disinfection must follow strict guidelines. Operating room surfaces, water, lighting, ventilation systems (temperature, humidity) … are highly controlled, especially the equipment for anesthesia recovery.

FV Hospital has been accredited by JCI for the 3rd time in a row

Vietnamese doctors develop from international cooperation activities

Dr Do Trong Khanh, Medical Director of FV Hospital, said that FV Hospital has a number of international operating models such as: consultations between FV and partners, international experts coming to Vietnam to participate scientific conferences, and participate in scientific research to develop new techniques, prove the effectiveness of new techniques, new medicine, etc. In the process, the team FV’s doctors and medical staff are also updated with the latest knowledge and improve their skills, creating trust and peace of mind for cooperation from international experts.

Prof. McKay McKinnon

Ms Tra My – the Liaison Office Manager of FV Hospital is in charge of supporting professionals working at the hospital. She shared unforgettable memories of her career: “I will never forget the time I worked with Prof. McKay McKinnon, who operated on a giant tumour of 90 kg for patient Duy Hai in 2012. During that special surgery, the anaesthesiology and surgical team learned a lot about handle managing the problem of blood transfusion, so that the patient is healthy enough for the surgery and how to reuse the blood…”.

Ms Tra My added that, despite being world-class experts, doctors such as McKinnon, Stéphane Guero, Donald Tan… always patiently guide the nurses and help change the patient’s bandages sometimes, they also show the nurses the experience how to look at the wound to assess the effectiveness of treatment.

Dr Ly Quoc Thinh, Head of Anaesthesiology & ICU, shared: “The surgeries performed by international experts are complicated as they are rare cases. Before performing such surgeries, the FV medical team always has in-depth discussions with experts to learn from experience. The problems of pathological risks, risks of surgery, risks of anesthesia that may be encountered during surgery are dissected in detail to have a specific anesthetic method, safe for the patient, and ensure surgery is successful to protect the hospital’s reputation and the prestige of experts coming to FV to cooperate. Through that, our team learned a lot’.

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