World leading eye specialist treats corneal conditions at FV

On 16th and 17th December 2016, Prof Donald Tan, former president of the World Cornea Society, will provide consultations and treatments for patients with corneal diseases at Ophthalmology Department, FV Hospital. He will perform more cornea transplants at FV during the trip.

To register for his consultations and treatments, please call: (08) 54 11 34 36.

Prof Tan is a global leader in the field of corneal and external diseases, with major contributions to the development of new techniques in corneal transplantation and corneal refractive surgery, with over 2 decades of experience. He is renowned for the “tooth in eye” procedure for the most severe end-stage corneal diseases.

Prof Tan is considered the doctor who has made corneal transplatation an art. In May 2016, FV Hospital became the first private hospital in Vietnam to collaborate with him to provide cornea transplant service.

Prof Donald Tan introduces the cornea transplant service at FV Hospital in May 2016.

Prof Tan uses the world’s latest forms of transplant – the forms of partial corneal transplantation which involves just replacing the diseased layers of the cornea, and keeping the healthy layers. Thanks to them, success rates can be as high as 98%, as these procedures now lead to far less complications and better vision than conventional older forms of transplant, where doctors had to change the entire cornea.

The corneas used for transplantation at FV are imported from major eye banks in the US and Singapore, where donated corneas are restored and preserved in the best conditions. After the operations, the patients are cared for by ophthalmologists at FV.