You got urologic diseases? Just meet with Dr. Do Quang Minh

Urologist Do Quang Minh is exciting about a new period in his career, assuming the position of Head of Urology at FV Hospital.

Talking about this new job and position, Dr. Minh said: “Urology is a broad field and could be divided into 6 main specialities: Andrology, Urogynecology, Urologic Oncology, Urotrauma, Urological Infections, Urinary Stones. Each speciality is complex enough to be covered by a distinctive hospital. Taking over the role of Head of the Urology Department at an international general hospital as FV, I wish to further develop my professional skills, and enhance the services at the department, especially in the field of Urologic Oncology. This is the specialty I am most interested in, and I hope with the support from FV Hospital’s medical staff, we can provide effective treatments to more patients with urologic diseases.”

Before joining FV Hospital, Dr. Minh had more than 10 years working at Cho Ray Hospital in Ho Chi Minh City. Appreciating Dr. Minh’s medical ethics, strong competencies, experience and passion, FV Hospital’s management came to invite him to become Head of Urology  as from July 2016.

Dr. Do Quang Minh graduated from Ho Chi Minh City Medicine and Pharmacy University. in 1996. He then went back home in Quang Ngai province to serve the locals as an urologist.

Talking about his decision to choose Urology, Dr. Minh shared: “I chose it because there were only a few urologists back then. Urology is a complicated field, which requires doctors to comprehend both internal medicines and general surgery. Additionally, all equipment, medical devices and treatment techniques for Urology were not developed back in those days. In my hometown, those who were diagnosed with urologic diseases didn’t get access to prompt and proper treatments. There were patients who had had to suffer from urine leakage for more than 20 years, or other patients with bladder stones couldn’t afford for the treatment. I decided to pursue this field, partly because of my interest . More importantly, I wanted to improve medical services for the locals so that they could have better living.”

After 5 years working in his home town, Dr. Minh continued to pursue further professional training in HCMC upon realising the fast-paced development of Urology. He understood that without constant learning, his medical knowledge will gradually become obsolete.

In 2004, Dr. Minh received his Master of Science degree in Urology from Ho Chi Minh City Medicine and Pharmacy University. Afterwards, he went back home to serve for another year in Quang Ngai.

In 2006, Dr. Minh became part of the Urology Department at Cho Ray Hospital, and stayed there for 10 years. During the 10 years, Dr. Minh had been praised by his colleagues and patients for his enthusiasm, thirsty-for-knowledge spirit, devotion and professionalism in each of his decisions.