Bone & Joint Centre

  • F. D. K
    Bone & Joint Centre

    I can’t thank you enough for all your understanding friendly and helpful service over the five days. I have been here for my ankle surgery. The doctors were at my bed every morning checking on me & making sure that all is better today than yesterday. So, despite the pain sometimes the loneliness at night. I know I was in great hands by being here. Thank you for everything.

  • H. T. D
    Bone & Joint Centre

    Our family is very grateful to Dr. Le Trong Phat. Thanks to Dr, my son can walk normally. Thank you very much to the hospital and thank you Dr. Phat – an excellent Doctor.

  • A.L
    Bone & Joint Centre

    Dr. Phat was very easy to understand. These nursing care varied – some were more attentive , better english than others . nurse Mi on surgical  ward 6th floor is great. Also Nurse Paola Teresse is amazing and kind and knowledgeable .

  • S.A.L
    Bone & Joint Centre

    I had very confidence in Dr Phat that he would carry out my surgery to the best of his ability. When he has visited me post op he listens to what I have to say.  Most of the staff at FV have been very helful and caring.
    As an outpatient everything went smoothly and the staff were helpful.

  • Ms Tran Dieu Linh
    Bone & Joint Centre

    Many gratefulness to Dr. Stephane Guero for his sugery and to Dr. Vu Hoang Lien for her advice and her care after surgery.

  • Mr Hoang Minh Anh
    Bone & Joint Centre

    We totally trust in the treatment, consultant, well care from doctors and nurses. They are a dedicated team, affection and work hard. Perfect quality! I especially thank you, Dr. Phat for thoughtful, friendly and gentle consultant to patient. The guest relation officer, food & beverage are enthusiastic. Thank you all.

  • Mr Jonas Franceschine
    Bone & Joint Centre

    First of all I would like to thank all the staff at the ward for the great service and outstanding duty to me and the dedication. Further after had already several surgeries in the past, that was the best one ever not one momement when I had pain or feeling uncomfortable. Shows and prounds the high standard of the FV Hospital in Ho Chi Minh city. Last but not least I also would like to thank Dr. Phat and his team for the well and sucessful executed surgery!

  • Mr Hajo Sauer
    Bone & Joint Centre

    To all the staffs of FV Hospital,

    I would like to express our sincerest gratitude for your help during my difficult time. After the accident, I went to FV Hospital when my groin could not move normally. Dr. Phat did a physical exam and checked the status of my injuries. And he decided to replace my hip by using minimally invasive surgery. Post-operative recovery process is very fast without any complications. After three weeks, I was able to return to saddle and able to swim 1000 meters.

    Professional staff, clean environment, the talent specialists are the reasons why I was assured and confident during my treatment in FV Hospital.

    Please allow me to express my sincere appreciation to you.

  • Ms. Nguyen Ngoc Nhi
    Bone & Joint Centre

    I had thought I would be called “the lame” for life. Thanks to the charity fund “the Children” and the doctors at FV hospital, I had the opportunity to be treated and stood up to go back to normal on their feet. Now you do not have to bear the pain of bone at midnight. It was her best care and enthusiasm of everyone in the hospital. Many thanks to Dr. Phat constantly monitor the status of bone growth for 12 months and has performed knee replacement surgery successfully. I was touched to hear the compliment and sincere advice of her doctors and nurses. Thanks to the hospital, the nurses and doctors she Development. And I would like to wish everyone a healthy and happy always.

  • Pham Quoc Cuong
    Bone & Joint Centre

    My name is Le Thi Nghiep, Pham Quoc Cuong’s mother. My family would like to express my sincere appreciation to FV Hospital and especially Doctor Xuan Anh whom helped him for successfully doing surgery on his detached finger. Since we found out that our child had abnormal fingers, my family did tried to find a way to cure him but we got lots of rejections. It was too hard for them or my family could not afford the cost of treatment. Fortunately, there were benefactors that helped us to pay all the cost for my child’s operation in FV Hospital. During his two times surgery in hospitals, the doctors, nurses, and other hospital staffs were very enthusiastic to help us overcome the difficulties. Now he is able to hold toys and have meal by himself. Our family is so very grateful.

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