Career Development

We identify high performers for advancement within the organisation. Line managers must select staff members who could become their successor and put together a development plan to help them fulfil their potential

We look for qualified internal candidates for any new or vacant position. We also give selected employees the opportunity to “act up” (to be acting Line Manager) into a higher position when available

We want to help our employees to grow. Hence we offer a wide range of training courses to enhance their personal & professional development. Whether they want to develop new management capabilities, improve their customer service skills, or simply enhance their nursing technical competency, we have course for them.

FVH Recognition Programme

Recognition is an integral part of FV culture. FV believes that a satisfied individual contributes more.

  • Shining Star Programme: every month a staff member is selected by a committee based on First Impression and “C.A.R.E” (which stands for Communication, Attitude, Respect and Excellence). The Shining Star of the Year is announced during the Year-End Party
  • Just Culture Idol: reward staff members who best exemplify the just and safe culture of FV Hospital
  • Doctors Quality Performance Recognition Programme: recognise and reward exemplary performance
  • Recognition Bonus: reward significant accomplishment and/or unique contribution
  • Long-term Staff Loyalty Award: recognise staff who has been working a total of 5, 10, 15, 20 years at the hospital