FV Hospital is not just an organisation, it is a family for all its staff members.

At FV Hospital, all employees are treated with respect and in an equitable and fair way. Our culture is one of mutual respect, trust and encouragement. Employees are encouraged to share and learn from each other’s successes and mistakes so we can move forward together

“FV Just Culture” creates an environment wherein staff feels comfortable on disclosing errors while maintaining professional accountability.

Internal communication is essential, it ensures staff awareness and understanding, improves dialogue and strengthens team work, using regular meetings, newsletters, Leadership Patient Safety Walk Rounds and more.

Work-Life Balance

FV Hospital promotes professional and efficient working standards in a stress-controlled and friendly environment. We organise activities geared towards increasing interaction and build camaraderie and cooperation among the staff as well as between the staff and management. Each staff is encouraged to express themselves and use their personal talents to add value to the hospital.