Residency Programme

Since 2014, FV Hospital welcomes resident doctors from the Medical University of Ho Chi Minh City. This residency programme can be extended to other medical universities, residents are assigned to a “patron”, gain clinical experience and knowledge while also working in a modern, international standard environment. Specialties like Orthopaedics, Paediatrics, Internal Medicine, Cardiology, Imaging, Anaesthesia and Intensive care, ORL, Ophthalmology, Pain Clinic are particularly interesting for residents. Residents are provided with financial support.

Internship Programme

FV Hospital offers an Internship Programme for graduated nurses and technicians for a unique hands-on training experience during which they consolidate knowledge acquired during their studies, acquire new clinical and non-clinical skills and gain confidence through their interaction with members of the patient care team. All interns are provided with financial support.

At the end of their 9-month internship interns are given a Confirmation of Trained Practice Duration in order to obtain their Practice Certificate from the Department of Health. Most are offered full-time positions at FV Hospital following their internship.