Upon registration with FV Hospital or FV Clinic please provide us with the details about your health insurance (name of your insurance provider, type of coverage, policy number), they are usually mentioned on your insurance card. As the process for insured and non-insured patients differs, and as each insurance provider is different, this information will help Insurance Officers to arrange cashless services more quickly, to provide the required medical and invoice documents for non-direct billing insurers faster, helping you to claim reimbursement sooner rather than later.

  • First fill in the registration form, which includes confirmation of your insurance status
  • Show your insurance card to the receptionist.
  • Sign the consent form to allow us to release your medical information to your insurer.

If you have any queries, do not hesitate to visit the FVH Insurance Office located in the ground floor of the F building or the Insurance Officer at the FV Clinic

If your insurance status changes at any point, please let us know.

Admission and Discharge Procedures

Scheduled Hospitalisations

Whenever possible, before you are to be admitted to hospital (usually three or four days prior to the date of hospitalisation) an FVH insurance officer will send your insurer a GOPform in order to obtain a Guarantee of Payment (GOP). This is always done when your insurance is part of our Direct Billing Network but not always possible for other insurance companies (see above).

Note that this GOP, which is a GOPapproval, is given by your insurer based on your policy. Your insurer may refuse to cover your hospitalisation due to an exclusion in your policy, please be reminded that FVH Insurance Officers are only facilitators and cannot interfere with your insurer’s decision.

Usually your insurance company will send us a GOP approving the hospitalisation up to a certain amount and/or a certain duration, with certain exclusions in accordance with your policy. A second GOP may be necessary if your hospitalisation exceeds the amount approved or is longer than expected

If your insured has not provided us with the GOP at the time of admission we will have to ask you to make a deposit which will then be reimbursed immediately once we have received the GOP. If your insurer does not provide a GOP by the time you are to be discharged, you will have pay in full and then claim back the money from your insurer later. FV’s Insurance Office will be happy to guide you through the claim process in this instance.

Emergency Hospitalisations

If your insurance is part of our Direct Billing Network, it will be contacted to provide a GOP which is usually received within 24 working hours. While waiting for the confirmation, you will be requested to pay the deposit required by the hospital. Your deposit will be refunded as soon as the GOP has been received.

If you are not covered by an insurer that is part of our Direct Billing Network we can, whenever possible, request a GOP. Your deposit will be refunded as soon as the GOP has been received

When it is not possible to request a GOP you will be required to pay a deposit and then to pay for all treatment costs incurred upon discharge.


At the time of discharge, if you benefit from cashless services, you must go to the main cashier on the ground floor (or to the Accident & Emergency cashier after working hours and during weekends). You will have to sign all invoices that will be sent to your insurance company, and will be required to settle the invoices:

  • Related to extra services not covered by your insurance (such as telephone bills, room upgrades),
  • Excluded from your coverage under your policy,
  • Rejected by your insurance company, or
  • Over the guaranteed coverage agreed by your insurer in the GOP

The Ward Charging Officer (the secretary in the department where you were hospitalised) will give you all your discharge documents and your date of follow-upm appointment.